Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I - Official Trailer



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    Delve into Part I of the Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update with fun mobs, blocks, and items! Team up with the axolotl, swim with the glow squid, and climb with the goats. Mine copper and use it to build structures that will age over time. The Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update: Part I launches on June 8, download Bedrock Edition on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10, and Java Edition update on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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    1. XxdagaxX

      Hey, what is coronaV? We are in 2013, let get some diamonds

    2. Guns’n’Pandas

      Me: Wow, the view from 1.17 new mountains is so cool! Goats: *No U*

    3. Wannabe Foley artist

      The start reminds me of terreria for some reason


      My list of updates I want: Minecraft: The Nature Update Minecraft: The Crafting Update Minecraft: The Ore Update Minecraft: The Caves and Cliffs Update pt.2

    5. nightmare Guardian

      I wonder when Minecraft update part two comes out

    6. Virginia Miller


    7. Anna Alessandra Principi


    8. Nathaniel Rosebud

      the dang goat... is this what the goat will be like? because i lost my minecraft game card for my switch and i usually immediately go check it out

    9. Katarzyna Czechowska

      MINECRAFT My Favorite game

    10. EstrabGamer YT

      Bruh Minecraft 1.17: Goat Update Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Minecraft 1.19 Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Minecraft 1.20 VIOLENCE UPDATE WITH GOATS!

    11. Sam

      Minecraft : **adds goat** Goat Simulator : Wait that's illegal

    12. Sam

      No mobs were harmed during the production of this video.

    13. Radio Richard

      Minecraft: the Bonk update



    15. max_rbx viscarra

      0:26 axolotl green

    16. Pamala Lovell

      I'm mad I wanted to see the warden but what did we get I'm angry RAM and it's an endangered species of salamander and something that dream request requested that no one even asked for

    17. Ferhad Abusov


    18. Pamala Lovell

      Hey I just found out that the warden isn't in the part one so now I have to wait until Christmas so Mojang can go FRICK THEMSELVES

    19. Ferhad Abusov


    20. Juan Fernando Juárez Ávila

      malditas cabras

    21. Ferhad Abusov


    22. World Game


    23. Ferhad Abusov


    24. Ferhad Abusov


    25. Drippy

      Looks like goats are gonna be worse than phantoms

    26. Pamala Lovell

      Where's the warden? (Says creepily)

    27. #SeepGamer#355

      viva minecrafttttt ,-, mola dale like para que monten muchos mass

    28. Wreckingb

      Goats going wild

    29. Haden Liano

      add the war to minecraft 1.17 part 2

    30. GatoCraft


    31. goku-black-craft

      Is this version available on xbox 360?

    32. TheGreyBonnie

      Minecraft when it’s first release:no goats here. Sorry Minecraft now:WE LIED. THERE ARE GOATS IN MINECRAFT!!!

    33. The best winner

      Java or bedrock

    34. Lizz

      players: im sure 1.17 will introduce new monsters, mines, bioms mojang: yeah, so, we have goats.

    35. [Unicorn and Zizzy]

      Ooo yes

    36. N00b1f7

      I already have 3 pet goats

    37. Julian Solehudin


    38. Erick Ureña

      Everything: *exist* Goat: Anyway, I started blasting

    39. Tyler PlaysThings

      Caves and cliffs doesn't even matter, it's just g o a t

    40. 💮#hank  j wimbletom219#💮

      0:25 poor Alex

    41. Cheeriosシ

      Minecraft is better than Fortnite.

    42. Axel Garrido

      Oye Mojang cuando va a salir la nueva versión de Minecraft me podrás decir xf 😊😊😊😊

    43. Adrian Suarez

      Goat: get wrecked everyone except endermen.

    44. Willem Michielssen

      The single corner block under the block steve places...

    45. BumpitiZed Records

      Thanks for removing diamonds on bedrock. I hated getting diamond gear anyway.

    46. bilishu aliss

      Animator: How many goats do you need? Mojang: yes

    47. Boi Boi

      its rare for a company that owns a game this big to listen to their audience, honestly, thank you

    48. Cwootiz

      So I’m the only one who sees herobrine in the back in the beginning

      1. bilishu aliss

        Can you make moss layers stackable like snow ?

    49. emmanuel figueroa

      minecraft: The update was a real madness

    50. Glitchy


    51. Barky Tron


    52. Sara Shde

      The way that Alexs face is like "need to hide Ahh-

    53. Astrid paredes Davila

      Video summary: Goat pushes xd

    54. Agustin Reggi


    55. Silvana

      Ask mojang: did the warden not get added because it's only part 1 of the update?

    56. 1 Dlxosh gamer

      Thanks mojang i love you ❤️

    57. Marcos Araujo

      Tinha escolhas melhores pra se fazer

    58. Harold david Garcia gonzalez

      Porque en Minecraft no le pueden agregar ese color y ese tipo de animaciones que hace sentir a el juego vivo y en ves de eso siguen haciendo lo mismo pero aún así lo amo pero sé que le faltan mejoras para se se sienta más vivo el juego así como presenta en este triller

    59. The oof bunny

      Green axolotl is in trailer but no green axolotl in game /:

    60. uevaso XD

      cabras golpedoras update

    61. Mr Balkeryyy!

      If anyone remembers goat sim, Somebody needs to make an MC map where you can control a goat and cause mayhem.

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    62. Maharshi Chakraborty

      Please add Warden in the Part 2 OR IN 1.18 THAT WOULD BE A LONG TIME BUT CAN'T WAIT FOR PART 2 AND WARDEN

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    63. 100 ABOS SANS VIDÉO


      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        U 2 💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    64. WickedEragon

      Can you make moss layers stackable like snow ?

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    65. boi boi

      Funny haha but why is the update still called caves and cliffs? 1.17 is the biggest letdown in a while now. I get the reasoning but honestly yall should've just released it all once it was ready rather than splitting it

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    66. Anthony Relozo. Sr

      Minecraft the goat fight update

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        Yes 💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    67. Mcube KS

      mobs aliados por fin! XDD :'D

    68. RafaelSoutoPE🍇

      minecraft goats and cliffs and axolotls part 1

    69. Dagmara Shannon

      Get ready for the only mob in Minecraft that doesn't care about anyone but itself Survival of the headbutters I gess

    70. Get Lost With Poppy

      i wish minecraft actually looked like that

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        Yes me 2 ✅💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    71. SlamminX3

      Be great to see Sharks as a mob!

      1. +1ˢᵘᵇ=THX+1Like=Luck in Life HALP M RCH 200SUB PLS

        💜💚💙❤️Thank you so much❤️💙💚💜

    72. nikitos t

      Caves & Cliffs Update without Caves & Cliffs

    73. Pascal Albert

      This update was verry cool

    74. Leliz Claros


    75. Eelliot4589

      Que rayos le estan haciendo las cabras a alex en 0:24 hay una cabra abajo montando a alex y en la 0:27 tambien a la izquierda

    76. 🅱️idat Tree


    77. ilham_kurniawan


    78. Userloser45

      I love these Trailers they're awesome

    79. DEATHSP 4832M

      Nota mental Los ajolotes y las cabras se verguean a todo mundo xd

    80. An Adress

      Are they still pushing this game

    81. otaku GG

      Yessssssss minecraft

    82. Snorfy

      The caves and cliffs without the caves and cliffs

    83. Jonah2damax

      I got an idea. An ender pearl block that could be like if you place it down you’ll get an item that could teleport you back to it

    84. FİLİZ MH-C-Y


    85. Christmas Doge

      Minecraft: Goat Simulator edition

    86. LocalChild

      Minecraft but every second is just a goat killing stuff

    87. José Gómez

      Hello minecraft company I wanted to know if they can improve the crystals of the lava version, it is not seen much

    88. Said 2009

      When the update will be?

    89. Haylz MC

      I love the glow squid so much!

    90. Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!

      Goat: Headbutts Saint 14: FINALLY A WORTHY APPONENT!!!!

    91. Filip Záruba

      ohhh it is bueatufel

    92. Symplytra Ac

      1.17: the goats and goats update

    93. Wizzyaka

      Why does this goat hate everyone hahahahahah?

    94. Дюф🔥💥

      Майн уже не тот.....

    95. a certain muffin

      They couldn't even add new cave systems to the CAVES and cliffs update...

    96. Азарти


    97. Esteban Crack

      Minecraft1. 18

    98. Mouna Da

      Title : Caves and cliffs update Video : *GOAT*