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    Twenty One Pilots official video for "Choker" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
    Twenty One Pilots - Livestream Experience
    May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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    Directed by Mark C. Eshleman for Reel Bear Media
    I don't bother anyone
    Nervous when I stand
    Choking on the circumstance
    Only smoking secondhand
    Cut us open, spread us out
    Dry us in the sand
    Lay the fibers side-by-side
    And you'll begin to understand
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    ...coming for me
    I don't bother anyone
    Never make demands
    Choking on the circumstance
    Self-sabotage is a sweet romance
    Seems like all I'm worth is what
    I'm able to withstand
    Sooner I can realize
    That pain is just a middle man.
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    I see no volunteers
    to co-sign on my fears
    I'll sign on the line
    I'm gonna change my circumstance
    I know I need to move right now
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    (only smoking secondhand)
    Like a little splinter
    buried in your skin
    Someone else can carve it out
    But when you've got the pin
    It hurts a little less
    and you can even push it further in
    When your body's screaming out
    Trust your mind's listening.
    Like a silhouette that you can barely see
    As the shadow casts upon the ground
    where you'll eventually
    lay forever, but the day goes on
    the sun moves behind you
    You get taller, bolder, stronger,
    and the rear-view only blinds you
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    1. Mitsaki Pitshiy



      O comentário português que vc tava procurando esta aqui🤝🏻🇧🇷

    3. unified

      that moment when you look away from the cash register and look back only to seem them playing the drums

    4. Simone Mastrogiuseppe

      Good vibes guys🤗💪🏻

    5. ikoo exe

      nostalgia 10/10 cancion 7/10 subidon -1/10 ago revius en mi canal de yutube me concen como jaime altonazano

    6. Jocelyn Velásquez


    7. christop righteous

      I want a net gun !

    8. qopoy dnon

      The fact that Josh ignored Tyler when he's try to buy the dragon but then Ty stole the dragon 😆

    9. Stella Richards

      The ludicrous angle pivotally excite because cactus pathohistologically jail via a rebel steam. placid, solid patient

    10. Kati Bowen

      I just lost Brónach.

      1. Kati Bowen

        Cal was leary of him and I'm likel

      2. Kati Bowen

        His Master and he doesn't remember any of the deaths I've saved him from. Over and over. I do them because. I am me.

    11. Jessica Massa

      I love you guys. Thank you for your music!

    12. Garcia Lopez Jorge

      nose ingles pero me gudsta mucho esta cansion

      1. qopoy dnon

        can't ignore..m

    13. chadrick sweeting

      repeat, repeat, and repeat

    14. Ajdaman 666

      This came out on my bday

    15. catoonz

      My girlfriend just looked at me and said is he saying he was born to choke her?

    16. Switchpro3 3

      What the hell was that gun , love the song it’s fire 🔥


      What did the dog do to josh to deserve that?!?!

    18. Alvaro Romero

      this is amazing

    19. Mikki 616

      Pinche Dema que le haces a nuestro Joshito?

    20. Jumpstart Gaming

      Imagine Dragons collab?

    21. Cata Catalina

      quiero el muñeco del perrito 🐕

    22. helmi niskanen

      Am I the only one who loves Josh's hair

    23. allice vera

      They just always remind me of phineas n ferb n the drummer doesnt speak lol.

    24. Luz Santoyo :3

      N0o0oo Jim es provida 😭

    25. julissa dc

      this one feels so nostalgic and like a reassuring a warm jacket after being out in the cold for too long

    26. Jacob Cogbill

      I'm an emotionally sad man... I miss my mother and father...I'm 30 years old and I've lost my angles in my life; even though I know they are with me... It's like a splinter in me I can't ignore..m

    27. Zion Noob

      He has a good voice so all of his songs are good

    28. Jacob Cogbill

      Josh... What is the dragon you've conquered?

    29. Ed Miller

      The last part gives me vibes of their first album

    30. Lucas Soares


    31. Edgar Alejandro Pinto Piamba

      muy buena canción me gusto muchísimo

    32. just someone

      So is there gonna be an entire album or will it just be 1 or 2 songs released only? I'm confused

      1. just someone

        @Altedonia oh ok. Thank you!

      2. Altedonia

        Yes, they are releasing a full album on May 21.

    33. Jee Lee

      I'm usually unsure about your new songs before I start to like them... However, this time... I IMMEDIATELY LOVED IT!!

    34. Super Zer0

      I’m really sorry but this is the absolute worst TOP track I’ve ever heard. It is the most bland, pathetic, stupid 21 pilot’s song ever. Everything from the terrible drums, to the annoying mm-hmm sample that plays throughout the song. The rap verse isn’t absolutely terrible but is still way to short.

    35. uh what


    36. uh what

      yall hear that beat? it kinda sounds like forest

    37. Ryan Susa

      Those drums are actually crazy. Listen to them

    38. Rominaa 99

      LOVE THIS SONG !!!! 😱🇦🇷❤🇦🇷

    39. Harrison T

      One week friends!!!

    40. Mary Trost

      YOU ARE LOVED!!🥰 Pain is just a middle man

    41. Oswaldo Hernández

      Is very nice the music

    42. Alyssa

      Clique ||-// Forever 🖤

    43. Eva Fasick

      Congratulations on 8M views!! 🥳🔥

    44. Johnny Punx

      8m views in two weeks and sadly they still feel like they need to prove themselves and not being considered rock. Who else has a DUO who takes care of drums, percussion, piano, synth, vocals, rap, guitar, bass, ukulele and who knows what else!?!

      1. Johnny Punx

        They have nothing to prove! Real music is still trying to creep its way through mainstream 21st century and the record companies can't take it!

    45. Ad Astra per Aspera

      I already know the words/lyrics. Memorized

    46. Кирилл Спайзз

      Чувствую, настало время для отписки🥲.

    47. Vishal Madhav

      Tyler: *steals a toy version of Trash the Dragon* Josh: ...and I took that personally, and made him into a doll.

    48. Shuvam Sharma


    49. Nicol Castro

      A mí me encantó. A mi hermana de 6 años le dio miedo lol.

    50. Thatgirl

      We need mass production of that toy- Tyler's soul optional.

    51. Zycee GT

      the perfect introvert anthem:

    52. Simon #wy

      sie waren nie weg ✊🤩🤯

    53. Twenty one passengers

      I love this song

    54. Alberth Sama

      and the another video?

    55. James Jones

      POV your getting turned into a bobble head by some demon man that you tried to steal from

    56. Jayant Shelke

      Josh's gonna make dragon out of that toy, that's how House of Dragon is going to start.

    57. zuzia kuźba

      i love this song

    58. James Enright

      Yo shout out big fun columbus oh best toy store

    59. Mikey

      “Smile, you’re on camera”

    60. Hunter B

      Has anyone gone to that store in Columbus?

    61. Aaron

      Love you guys. Your music means so much ❤

    62. Schr1ft

      im getting massive vessel vibes

    63. Wonky Titters

      I was very unsure of this song at first but the humming baseline really got me!

    64. نجاة سعد

      so AMAZING

    65. carlos

      just realized how much choker sounds like bandito- also, "i could take the high road, but i know that i'm going low" and "i know it's over, i was born a choker" both imply that that's just the way it is; accepting and/or surrendering. choker is more upbeat or happy sounding, probably since "sai is propaganda," and propaganda has to be appealing to everyone, even if it is misleading. idek if these were supposed to be related, but the instrumental and the rap in both of these songs sound really similar to me. idk, i'm tired lmao

    66. HuMAYuN

      Glad you're back!

    67. David An

      What does your new logo mean?

    68. vsk presents

      Nobody is coming for me 🙃

    69. Jason Jacobsen

      So I think that Josh is ignoring Tyler because it is not Tyler it is blurryface, that is why there is no handshake. That is how Josh knows it's Tyler so if he is just not even acknowledging him untill Tyler's vessel is running away and Josh knows he has to save it and keep is safe untill Tyler returns from Trench.

    70. Mimi Soriano

      Bby ty qué tío más monooo aaaa

    71. Sophie Lloyd

      When he started that rhyme at the end it sounded like his vessel album and I wanted to cry

    72. Aidan S

      This is the Jim cameo we needed.

    73. Oreox4

      little man

    74. Darkgodfire4467 gaming

      Ok i get it now, the dragon from shy away 1:21

    75. Dinkle Berg

      Poor dog tho

    76. #bossdarko Ø

      no one reads anymore

    77. Daddy Davis

      I want the old music

      1. Sus

        @Daddy Davis he's cool

      2. Daddy Davis

        @Sus why

      3. Sus

        @Daddy Davis watch him

      4. Daddy Davis

        @Sus don’t know who dat

      5. Sus

        @Daddy Davis Anthony fantano

    78. Sto Epómeno Kefálaio

      Beautiful song

    79. Simon Lovelace

      This song doesn't deserve to be this good.

    80. Larissa Bernal

      Josh te amo

    81. brain

      am i the only one who thought Josh was holding a shotgun at first?

    82. dream sonhos

      Eu amo vocês

    83. Josh J


    84. Aaron Mardirosian


    85. Damien Sangurima


    86. Chiedza Dziruni

      The trivia sucked

    87. Linky y

      God I'm so happy they released this song and shy away this band is my life 🎊

    88. The Thirteen Colonies Will Rise Again!

      2:42 Imagine being the person in that car driving down the street only to see a dude with a bazooka running for a grown man who ran out of the toy store

    89. BAD DADDY

      I gotta change my circumstance................ Gotta move right now!


      Love the duo

    91. Mᴀɴᴜ ᴅᴜɴ


    92. Casey Cleveland

      just gave head to this song xoxo


      solo los fans de top entenderan si le quitas stop la s dice top

    94. Scott Dunn

      This song speaks to me

    95. Liz Tee

      POV: You've never met a rude/unsupportive TOP fan

    96. Wanessa Turner

      Já consigo imaginar todo mundo junto em um show do twenty one pilots cantando esse refrão

      1. Elisa Arias



      Just Check in

    98. Logan Shaver

      that was weird. but great song!

    99. Sayonara