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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)



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      1. wisemamss


      2. Surfy Seeker

        @Glicks Prod. If you hate it why did you watch the trailer

      3. Sindi TheBarber

        Will battlefield have Dynamic Weather like BF1 ? Please yes ?

      4. Emily Brown

        hey awesome guys !Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

    2. Johannes Haukanes


    3. KerA

      When watching the trailer,the ants went on the skin

    4. sanderi k

      Tenet soundtrack and Mötley Crüe mixed.. nice

    5. Kostya Geraltovich

      Very Gooooooood

    6. Garfield

      This game will suck.

    7. Chris Whitworth

      Defiantly going to need a 3000series to run this at its best.

    8. Gwyn justice

      I think the most science fiction thing in this trailer is presuming we can do anything on solid ice in the Arctic in 2042.

    9. Dr Tuxberry Jones

      This look type 🔥

    10. Роман Романов

      Эмм...я, кажется, видел сильную и независимую тетку в куче народа. Это что, какая-то вариация Бателфилд 1?

    11. Akmal Mirkhamidov

      Кто с кем воюет ?

    12. bosman boss

      And full of cheaters and unbalanced game like in bf v, NO THANX!!!

    13. ChubbyGunner

      Some lucky guy out there is gonna' be the first one to show the Storm in gameplay and become the biggest thing since Jack Frags lol


      Where is battlefield 1942 theme song😭😭😭 It had to be here!

    15. سبحان الله وبحمده

      I hope there's no battle royal in 2042.

    16. ozair azeem

      please don't suck. please don't suck. please don't suck....

    17. Everardo Velador

      Battlefield I'm so proud of you I can't wait until tomorrow 😄 I'm excited.

    18. Jack Lofthouse

      Sees anything Soldiers in this trailer : RUN


      Can't wait to destroy a dam a ruin a whole map

    20. 19Evangelion96

      Remember - no pre-orders.

    21. Chris.pBacon

      I cannot tell whose who

    22. wizzzer1337

      Let's get this to a million likes today!

    23. s.0nam

      But what's the story?

    24. Alexander Pared

      Jajajajaa como la cagaron cuando salio del caza le sio un bazookaso y volvoio a entrar jajajaja

    25. Ninad Antrolikar

      Me:Should I watch the trailer again? Me: Yes of course!

    26. Game Starting

      Warning Tornado🌪️👍

    27. Nattawut Piromchart

      Trailer of the year = BF 2042

    28. Матвей Беликов

      3:20 когда F-35 ничего в маневренном бой с Су-57 сделать не может. Пойдём по классической тактике батлы)

    29. slippery slope

      Are paraplegics equally represented in this game?

    30. Stick


    31. SuperCreeper990

      Finally they did it right unlike battle field 5

    32. Marc Becker

      I am glad to get rid of my pink tutu.

    33. ilhaam ashraf

      3:15 that's some fast and furious level thing

    34. Ace

      Lets go reach that 1M likes

    35. GrafW09

      The End of playing BF was because of .....CHEATERS, never play it again


      We've come a long way since battlefield 1942 till now, battlefield 2042... Still the 1942 is better😉

    37. Land Mine

      3:03 BF 4 be like:

    38. JD. SLV

      now THIS, this is a trailer

    39. BoyInTheRoom

      𝑯𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒏𝒂 𝑴𝒂𝒕𝒂𝒕𝒂.

    40. Jeff Licona

      Looks like they listened! Pre ordering!

    41. ThaHomieAnthony

      I’ve been playing nothing but Battlefield after this trailer dropped. I’M SO HYPED!!!


      I haven't been this excited for a BF game since BF 4, I can't wait! Time to take the throne Battlefield.

    43. 35reich


    44. قناتنا التعليمية

      it will be 9/10 to me (they only missing the bf beat )

    45. Robert 321


    46. PerFunctory

      Dice, make Battlefield great again.

    47. Deagle760

      2042 is actually only 20 years in the future. It’s great time period even though ppl wanting modern setting

    48. Huntoz Gaming

      Im a big chopper fan of battlefield

    49. PlainMudkip

      This is the most “Battlefield” esq trailer I’ve ever seen.

    50. Isaiah 12 Walker

      My 5 day wacing

    51. 江風 kawakaze

      Jokes besides, give them applause for making a rendezook.

    52. MJ P

      When will Dice realize that no matter how many female soldiers they put into the game women will never play these games in large numbers. Just give up Dice, accept the world as it is. Embrace the player base you have, not the one you want.

    53. Strigoi

      ZZZZZZZzzzz... Boring

    54. Notgon Nalie

      lmao, dunno whats more clownish, 03:15 or the wing suit guy riding the hurricane at the end

    55. Zakariyyaa Suleman

      3:16 such a cool move👌🏼❤

    56. Alex Stammen

      It’s cool yeah but I feel like something has been lost since bad company 2

    57. Wh!t3T!g3R

      I was expecting jeep stuff on that atv 9/10

    58. YAP WENG YIK


    59. Kittitee Sriraksa

      When you play in Asia Server, You will see... God play game.

    60. YAP WENG YIK


    61. Getsu

      Best batlefield

    62. Four-legged Cat

      This is how to poison the minds of young people to the point of wanting to be in a war. Only the strongest know how to differentiate a game from reality and when a game takes you by the hand so that you crave an apocalyptic panorama full of wars xD

    63. Carlos Ds

      Confiamos en en ti tío BATLEFIELD!!!! Solo esperemos y la ESPECTATIVA de esto no traicione de nuevo la REALIDAD de nuevo! 😍🤯🙏

    64. john rc

      No br eh? I dunno about this

    65. David Overman

      So basically make sure you have your flying squirrel suit and you’ll live through anything! Lol

    66. Dimitris Koutelidas

      A moment of silence for the guys who watch this and can't get their hands on a decent GPU or a next gen console.

    67. Connor

      My soul is ready

    68. the pangolin

      That was chaotic but in a good way. It is the most chaotic thing I have ever seen

    69. Dark_XD

      Tenho 30 horas assistidas no youtube essa semana, metade ctz q é desse trailer

    70. Monstar

      You're telling me it might similar to BF4? Because those moments seem to be telling me so. If so sign me tf up! 🤠

    71. Danilo Fiotti

      boa tarde a todos, estou passando aqui pra ver esta maravilha de trailer pela sétima vez

    72. MrMetalord

      Reporting for duty C.O.


      No puedo para de ver la parte del Jet

    74. REQU


    75. The Frenchie Miller

      This looks terrible?

    76. darshia33

      EA called Greta Thunberg out. The polar ice caps haven’t melted and battles are being fought on them...with penguins as the spectators.

    77. AverageCrab

      3:14 Fast and furious producers: “right this down” edit: if they really wanted to they could right this entire thing down

    78. Logan Miller


    79. precious payne

      Is this for the ps4

      1. favoureds11

        YES but smaller maps

    80. Chng Swee Khoon

      I need a team to run with for this release

    81. One Two

      Apology accepted, Dice. Don't let it happen again though!

    82. Fuad Simon

      i miss the mech from 2042 (2006)

    83. Ali


    84. Dara

      Battlefield 4 was the best. Hopefully this is as good.

    85. xarmander ytal

      I would be very happy if it weren't for the absence of graphics cards stock

    86. Stas Stychev

      Make a game for men, not youngsters!

    87. Arturo Miguel Nofal Maldonado


    88. DanZeeMan

      128 players, and yet I don’t have anyone who plays this, who wanna squad up? lets make a discord if interested!! hype is real!


      This is one of the greatest video game trailers ever made.

    90. Tomas Cilio


    91. Vic Gocrz

      Ok it looks 💩tho

    92. CptCC3

      As always, great music...

    93. Muhammet Kaya

      This is crazy!!!

    94. DanZeeMan

      Bro I can’t wait for the gameplay reveal tomorrow! There HAS to be some little secrets or easter eggs during it hehe

    95. Adrillion

      I'm here. Im fortunate enough to live in this era. I'm here. One of the many blessed s.o.b who will be part of this game. I'm here. Playing the game with people as cool as their comments. We are here. Let's enjoy this.

    96. Moonzill

      I just hope DICE will fix the cheaters problem. BFV is full of them.

    97. Gray Star

      Honestly I have to say I'm both excited and a little disappointed i was hoping for a cold war style game but still excited for this

    98. que chimba

      from the creators of fast and furious here is battlefield 2042