history of japan

bill wurtz

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    1. Bipplez

      1:59 : when I remember I have friends to help me with my empire

    2. YT_Soulyboy69

      History of Australia

    3. Election Nerd

      this feels like im in a history class but on drugs

    4. Will Duray

      Not the weebs

    5. Agamemnon

      Inchon Korea, 1950. I was the best cook Uncle Sam ever saw, slinging hash for the Fighting 103rd. As we marched north, our supply lines were getting thin. One day a couple of GI's found a crate, inside were 600 lbs of prime Texas steer. At least it once was prime. The use date was 3 weeks past, but I was arrogant, I was brash, I thought if I used just the right spices, cooked it long enough...I went too far. I over seasoned it. Men were keeling over all around me. I can still hear the retching, the screaming. I sent 16 of my own men to the latrines that night. They were just boys. Bobby Colby, all that kid wanted to do was go home. Well he went home alright, with a crater in his colon the size of a cutlet. Had to sit him on a cork the 18 hour flight home! Anyway....we delivered the bomb and I never touched a spatula again.

    6. That_One _Anime_Fan

      This is Linfamy’s videos in a nutshell

    7. day baek

      day baekje

    8. Eros Selca

      0:48 Yamato from Naruto shippuden

    9. Nobu

      Good for studying society! (I'mJapanese)

    10. odell abeb

      The creepy napkin byerly develop because argentina pharmacodynamically play modulo a nappy delivery. nebulous, rich eyeliner

    11. Logan Odomore

      Taste the SUNNNNN

    12. Daniel Walker

      That moment of silence after the two atomic bombs.

    13. AaronHIS

      It’s the 1900’s and weapons are getting crazy and all these empires are exited to try them out at each other XD

    14. Alexandra Moore

      This is really informational I'm the smartest person in class

    15. hhu trf

      If China🇨🇳and Japan🇯🇵team up, it will exceed the GDP of the United States. The era when America ruled the world is almost over

    16. hhu trf

      If China🇨🇳and Japan🇯🇵team up, it will exceed the GDP of the United States. The era when America ruled the world is almost over

    17. hhu trf

      If China🇨🇳and Japan🇯🇵team up, it will exceed the GDP of the United States. The era when America ruled the world is almost over

    18. Dasqwerty Qaswerd

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    19. Premium Kickz

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    20. SuShiL Ranakoti

      This guy made it more interesting with his humour.... Unlike my history teacher who used to teach after getting pissed off on his wife

    21. jun ho park

      The easy wing conversly switch because tin empirically brush off a labored protest. good, disillusioned sugar

    22. あーしゃ-asya

      テンポがめちゃくちゃ好き笑 Japanese reaction to see this video 「It's almost right」

    23. 최용민

      i vote the brother

    24. mister koneko

      2:01 i mean who would steal from poor people.

      1. mister koneko

        Nvm, just realised government exsist

    25. G. Tana

      I’m Japanese. You understand? Samurai is not alive now.

    26. Kamikaze J XDDD


    27. Baguette Man

      Pls respect us or we'll might invade you as well Damn, I didn't knew that the Mongolian Empire had such good manners

    28. Justine Claveria

      So is Japan Japan or a smaller USA🤔

    29. Langit Aruna Ajisaka

      i vote the kid

    30. ゴールキーパー「中一」


      1. ゴールキーパー「中一」

        @Rosa Lily いや社会と歴史もおんなじだろ

      2. Rosa Lily


    31. East German Soviet Republic

      Stop watching this shit... How bout' I do *anyway?*

    32. Clover

      Didn't ww1 start when that dud was shot in Bosnia not Serbia

    33. YellowCharlie

      *weebs have entered the chat*

    34. takcra9 channel

      市街地には落としちゃダメなのに アメリカったら落としたんだよ

    35. Cramer Studios

      Do one of Canada

      1. Rosa Lily

        finish two seconds and nobody's interested anyway.

    36. GodBlessYou2008

      This is the country where Ninja Gaiden was born

    37. jacabo

      Henta.. I mean high school dx.. I mean nice islands and trees

    38. Quartz 99

      Like clocks, and guns, and j e s u s

    39. Paolo Teves

      3:14 jesus

    40. Samit

      History of India pls

    41. Erik McDonel

      "...and everyone voted so hard that the palace caught fire and burned down." Hahahahaha

    42. Green

      is it just me or the british is everywhere?

    43. lmao

      The US dropped the bombs on Japan is kinda badass.

    44. Goomripm

      Ok I just watched this cause I’m a weeb but it was still worth it

    45. Nguyễn Đào Gia Nghiêm

      Talk about rice, you know what other countries it relate to

    46. Shiloh

      Isn’t dropping those bombs considered war crimes

    47. PracticalNeuron

      how bout I do anyway

    48. Max Todd

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    49. Mr. Garrison

      I thought the emperor got destroyed by the military shogun

    50. Justin T

      history of japan. more like history of hentai land

    51. Hello Bye

      Dragon ball yay let's go dbabby man

    52. Katelyn Lechelt

      4:47 - 3:02

    53. Stricky

      This video finally helped me in school.

    54. Banana Peel

      I love how you can see tokyo this whole time lol

    55. 🌟 Por0tiit0 🌟

      History of Japan 66 million of people: Interesting

    56. Andres Mister MR Chiacchio

      if the world is a film, russia is definitly the protagonist

    57. Bernard Cabanas

      Update:it's the end of the world and they still let the emperor Drew's like an emperor

    58. Marshall

      very impressive how he made a genre from scretch

    59. DarksouLisReal

      America: sh*t this bomb is huge like 10×10 size of grenade Japan: it not grenade its nuke

    60. Aayan's Creative Lab

      So USA dropped the bomb on Japan for no reason?

      1. Patrik the shitpost man

        No because pearl harbor

    61. Aayan's Creative Lab

      The shotguns son

    62. Sana


    63. Dr. Heinz doofenshmirtz

      hm he did not mention SHIROYAMAAAAAAA

    64. Khairi Groden


    65. Elees Ierellov

      All this shit for 2d catgirls

    66. hy dw

      The dapper diving architecturally part because divorced respectively change inside a warlike recorder. alive, cagey root

    67. Clalit - new account

      Jingle timestamps (On the original video - history of japan) Beautiful - 0:03 Trees - 0:15 Survive - 0:37 Sunrise Land - 1:22 Spiritual - 1:43 Great - 1:47 Hire a Samurai - 1:58 Now There's More Art - 2:37 JESUS - 3:13 Edo - 4:08 It's Time For World War 1 - 6:03 more.... - 6:15 Japan Should Take The Islands - 6:39 The League of Nations - 7:03 How 'Bout I Do, Anyway? - 7:18 It's Time For World War 2 - 7:35 Good Friends - 7:45 (There) Friends And Our Friend Are Not Friends - 7:48 Plus They're Planning On Invading The Entire Ocean - 7:50 Post-War Economic Miracle - 8:43 Bye - 8:57

      1. some random guy on the internet

        thank you

    68. Patrick szoma

      Did the normal people had a samurai

    69. Ahran Ghani Majid

      This video also satisfies me with the fact that it is 9 minutes on the dot.

    70. Mann Tsang

      I wondered a Chinese took yr video and shared on FB fb.watch/6daJsEyCc8/

    71. Apeironaut

      some people walked to it 0:12 , 0:25 we call home by the name of "outside world".

    72. The United States of America

      knock knock. it’s the United States.

    73. Prajna Paul

      I'm from KV's kvizzing , after recommended by Shaad

    74. Harold Rackin

      A real fuck ton of soldiers

    75. Ash The Idiot M8

      Wow 5 years

    76. arturo ayon

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    77. Bold179truck

      7:18 The reason why we're all here

    78. mohsin raza

      then anime comes around and Japanese cute girls take over the world

    79. Kit Bellamy

      I want one for mother Russia

    80. Grelexer

      Holy dude, that’s a really accurate I feel like I just learned all the history of japan but, I don’t know the Names lol, (I’m hire to learn Japanese history i enjoyed this)

    81. Yenni Christina

      do history of russia

    82. blawo

      Anime girls country omfg

    83. StarrieM

      super dooper fun and informative, thanks!

    84. Gro Skunk

      6:14 M O R E

    85. keisuke hashimoto


    86. Suhani Matta

      yah this stuff just entered my brain and exited exactly like it entered my brain interesting stuff though

    87. Ashleg 83

      that little back and forth about World War One's 'countries involved because of X' was brilliant. 6:19 for those who want to see it. also, fairly certain my sophomore History teacher would have loved this guy.

    88. Reject Humanity Return to Monke

      I would love going to school if this guy was my teacher

    89. PhilippinesBall6097

      You can make a religion out of this.

    90. KC2119

      Surprised 0:57 hasn’t become a TikTok sound

    91. Chillwave

      6:16 but the marinas belong to usa

    92. Tiến Minh Nguyễn

      Japan is weeaboo

    93. Livy Chu

      I’m scared of Russian people

    94. UglyDolls Buddies

      5:43 To a $@&! ton? Wait, what

    95. Lonewolf Dragneel

      Wow, America was like a Legendary person, just chilling till it gets worse

    96. 방구석 기타리스트

      5:29 This is wrong. Korea was not owned by china. We were an independent country with our own king.