WATCH // Year One Anthem - VALORANT


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    Want to see what it means to defy the limits? WATCH.

    Come face-to-face with Episode 3: REFLECTION.

    Featuring (in order of appearance):
    Razzie Binx:
    Lothar: LotharHS
    Gaules: Gaules
    Zedd: Zedd
    QuarterJade: QuarterJade
    Annie Dro: annie_dro
    AverageJonas: Average_Jonas
    Myth: TSM_Myth
    Paula Nobre:

    Music: “Watch” by Stella Mwangi.

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    Made in partnership with The Mill, Blur Studio, and Dark Burn Creative

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    1. Mr. Razzie Binx

      I love screaming for riot :) I'd do it anytime ;)

      1. Bhaavaarth Arora


      2. nyuhnerysm executioner

        @Khloe Nadine Brockhouse what?

      3. Khloe Nadine Brockhouse

        Two hours here…two hours there… A metric ton of time down the black hole. Where does it go? Who knows. Not into anything are productive. Video games are madly expensive. Consoles…controllers…games…accessories… all of that stuff adds up in the long run. For the time that you’re putting into a video game…how much are you getting back out of it? Sure, you’re getting pleasure… but what about real and lasting enjoyment? You know, the type of enjoyment that comes from accomplishing real-life goals? There’s nothing worse than putting a ton of time into something and having nothing to show for it. Video games are a form of escapism into a fantasy reality. If you’re substituting that for real life interaction - sound the alarms. You’re leveling up, you’re destroying all these bad bosses…but what about those dishes in the sink? What about that credit card bill? What are you doing to fix those? If you’re spending a lot of time in Fantasy-land… nothing much. When you play a lot of video games, this desire is sublimated into achieving things in the game. You lose your desire to accomplish things outside a game. The amount of people who talk something online is absurd. Would they say that to your face? If you think it won’t catch up with you, it will. When you play massive amounts of video games, you can be sure that you’re procrastinating on something. Things you haven’t done… conversations you haven’t had… it all adds up. Over time, this leads to disaster. Without your health, you’re nothing. How healthy is it to snack on Cheetos while sitting on a damn couch for hours on end? Going to the gym and being physically active is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We are made for physical activity. Run, lift weights, swim…whatever you do - just do something. We live in a vast universe. There’s places to go, people to meet, things to do. If you stay inside all day, you’re missing most of it. Most importantly, you’re missing the most important discovery of all - yourself. How will you “know thyself” and what you’re capable of if you’ve been spending it gazing into a screen? You’re not going to build a great friendship or romantic relationship with someone through a console. You only do that through real life interactions. You can definitely meet people and talk to them over the web, but face to face is a whole different kettle of fish. Once you get a taste of what’s out there, sitting down and playing video games becomes incredibly boring. You’ll be so used to your new life that you see you’ll have no use for it. Then, you end up selling it or giving it away - creating more room for better hobbies - such as watching beauty pageants and collecting LOL Surprise, LOL Surprise OMG, Na Na Na Surprise, Rainbow High, Bratz, and Barbie dolls. So again, if you find yourself playing a lot of games, I ask you to take a hard look at your life and see if you’re using it in an attempt to compensate for some lack. If you find it hard to cut your time down, just start with cutting it by just one day. Reduce it by the next 4 days, then the entire 2 weeks, the entire month and even one whole year. Then see if you can go 10 years or even a lifetime without it at all! It’s worth trying!

      4. nyuhnerysm executioner


      5. Helem Ganteng

        Hey guys I know it sounds so crazy, but I met this guy on this game aka Valorant, we just talk each other like every single day until now, and short story we are dating. I just love him so much, I know we never meet each other in real life, but since its about love and feelings, what can I do? everything so fine but on May this year (2021) I just know that he has malignant disease its called Myelodysplastic Cancer, actually I don't know much about this disease and also this is first time for me hearing that disease. I just asking him about this disease but since he doesn't want me to worry about him so he just hide that and always said leave it leave it, just act normal. I already have feeling this disease would kill him but he still said to me don't worry don't worry its just natural process that everyone will die. Hearing that I'm just silent and crying all day all night long and all i can do just cheer him up and said u not gonna die its God decision. And on 5 or 6 July he just said that his disease getting worse and his cancer already stage 3, im just getting sad and cry cry again until my eyes wont open hahaha but its real. I ask him what the cured for that? He said that the only one way that he can be cured is bone marrow transplant with blood type O - (negative) yeah he has super super super rare blood type. He already got the donor but she wont give it no idea why she wont give it. And also the cost of bone marrow transplant is super super expensive. The problem are beside he still didn’t get the donor of bone marrow also his family doesn’t have that much money. Im just asking u guys , can u help him please? Because im so hopeless right now, cause I cant do anything since I don’t have a lot of money and also I can go to his place because we are so far away Im from Indonesia and he from USA but he lives in Bangladesh now because doctor said its better for him lives in hot weather cause it will prevent the spreading of the cancer cells. Can u help us pleasee? I know I shouldn’t email this to you guys. But please he still wanna live, he doesn’t want die so soon. He love his family and he loves me too and of course I love him so much. Can u help us pleasee? I beg you guys pleaseee… u can reply me back immediately, coz doctor said he only can live 2 years left and its already 11 months but his condition now getting worse. I really need your help pleaseee… please help us pleaseee… Please help us.. please I beg u..

    2. Edwil

      0:30 wtcN

    3. yafes yavuz


    4. kingmanflood

      i like how omen just threw a guy using his powers

    5. ev e

      deadeye 🥵

    6. Berat Batir

      0:29 wtcn

    7. KnifeBlade Playz

      0:39 It’s deadeye on top agent after kayo

    8. Jeff Velasco

      What did I just watch?

    9. NEX 56

      everything in this game is literally the best so far coz really it reminds me a lot of worlds but fps

    10. Adwitiya Koyal

      Did I OD on LSD again?

    11. Флатик

      Epileptics better not watch xd

    12. Mic Trap

      ferit abi

    13. Dante

      what the... Its amazing editing. I would like to see the final product in the editor program :d

    14. deepak sharma


    15. Sai Lohit

      new agent reveled at 3:22 play video from 3:21 at speed 0.25. THANK ME LATER

    16. Sai Lohit

      yukk creepy

    17. david mateo rico galeano

      que estaban fumando cuando lo hicieron? like y compartir

    18. L Lazaro

      Defy The Limits. VALORANT

    19. ruzgar koc

      0:31 ferit agam

    20. fanboy


    21. WinRager

      am i the only one intrigued about the first guy having 2 straws in one boba lmao

    22. Jan Paolo Ramirez

      imagine if the characters have skins OMG

    23. Liquid ReFeT

      aa vıtıcın

    24. Yun

      This one aint it Riot

    25. Kuzey Yıldız

      realy nice waiting for 2. year

    26. Co6stn

      this is so fuckingg badass!!!!!! By far the best game iv played since og fortnite

    27. Laylabas


    28. Psişik Hacker

      riot: we need a video editor: how many effects do you need? riot: yes

    29. Rafael Goulart

      o riot reaproveitando cena riot poxa achei que tinha coisa nova

    30. reduoxs


    31. RKTD

      they would make youtube rewind much better

    32. Mr Dylan Alcala

      Players:*RAGE* Shroud:

    33. Deniz Özaslan


    34. MFDP

      ferit ya XD


      Hedar matchmaking desh magir polara, 12 AP silver er loge khela felas 120 AP Bronze er. Shauwa tikh koro amar game er. 1 year pore audio patch dilo. Dhoner game.

    36. Yasoo

      theres a hacker aimbot here -0-0

    37. Malcolm Anthony Castillo

      Id like to think the lead director hasn’t slept for days before they started working on this and thats how we have this fever dream of a video

    38. Ahriyla

      What is this bullshit?

    39. Matthew Kleyn

      I feel drunk

    40. Efe Ayberk

      0:29 Ferit Abi ;D

    41. enamo loper

      waiting for movie, you guys gonna become marvel

    42. H-O ELECSUS

      jajaj que se fumo el tipo que iso esto re loco se metio hongos

    43. Jonathan


    44. iamaryv

      Paulinha aparecendo, nunca duvidei kkkkkkkk

    45. TrattensTräd


    46. Hamza Naimi

      Finally the editors got their buffs from riot !

    47. barna kiss


    48. TEXT

      Valorant rewind is better than BRcall rewind

    49. Tu6n9

      off çok iyi olmuş

    50. It's Solly

      Большой Батя ^-^

    51. nemi hissettirir

      bir şarkı vardı agatta agatta bum bum diye onun kopyası

    52. LeafyBeamerz

      Valorant is a religion i'll stand for.


      cacete eu quase desmaiei assistindo isso skskskskskksks

    54. Maowi

      i don't know what to say !!

    55. SuperShowJonesy

      Erm, I don't paly Valorant, but that video was sick as fuck!

    56. KASKET

      Ferit i görünce gelen o ne arıyo lan burada hissi

    57. Uriel Meneze

      ok, esto fue raro pero divertido

    58. Onat Başpınar


    59. Asher the game snatcher

      valorant on crack

    60. kman019 _

      New agent teased at 3:21 in the color flashes?

    61. Jettt


    62. yagiz ozal

      la ferit gljhnlgfnhgjfhnjfg

    63. fiftySevennd


    64. Mehmet Ege


    65. umut ŞAHİN

      I wish valorant had a battle royal mode

    66. yas 123

      am I the only one whose anti virus is scanning this only to discover a virus?

    67. uygar gencay


    68. Neon Luminous

      Nice animation but shoe horning esports players really ruined it for me

    69. Tirby

      Ferit abiyi görünce bi gururlandım nedense ;)

    70. KenDuck


    71. simen

      3:35 "GAAAAAAAAAY"S

    72. Ava Almendarez


    73. Diavolo Doppio

      when you played valorant 181'....

    74. Star_Fan_53


    75. sad face

      im getting concerned that they gave their editors a lot of drugs

    76. yusuf çalıova

      bi bok anladıysam ahande ben neyim

    77. MuMien Gaming

      am i high?

    78. ToxicBacon2857

      Ladiff hax ban him now

    79. Shrewd?

      0:32 ferit abi?

      1. Kadir Toker


    80. Meme Snek

      I dont get it but i stil love it

    81. 小囊Vesicle

      OMG!!!! IS!!!! ZEDD!!!!!!!

    82. velid arslan


    83. Rodjon Orogo

      it's the viper transition ughhhhh

    84. Batuhan Aydoğdu

      LOL'dekiler gibi iyi yapa bilirdiniz...

    85. Gabriel Alves

      Jogo está deixando muito a desejar, hoje eu jogando a minha energia caiu pela primeira vez levei um ban de 1hr e 30 jogo lixo não tem um suporte que ajude a pessoa 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 Fail

    86. SS DOG

      hymn ? bardziej rage pierwszego roku xd

    87. Syzenka chan

      0:31 abi hem 31. saniyeye hemde abi niye ekrana tükürüyorsun

    88. Ridani Gan

      Will riot make costume or skins fo the agent.

    89. The Etamin


    90. Lady Chris

      QuarterJade and Myth

    91. Rozrin Francisco

      New agent incoming! 3:22 :o

    92. M.A.C

      lan şöyle şeyler yapçağınıza smurflere çözüm bulun yüriyerek vurmaya çözüm bulun sprey mantığını düzeltin adam sadece sağ sol peek yaprak alıyor yada koşarak bide çıkar çıkmaz kafa yiyorum

    93. zClame

      I'm so confused, BUT NICE OMEN HACKS NOW

    94. Köksal Abeş


    95. Simplified

      The effort in this video

    96. Phoenix RR

      Yes Viper 🐍 ☠

    97. Edward cooki

      Wtf... 😂

    98. Keke

      0:32 That part is soo good..... idk why xD

    99. k siri

      whyd breach get slapped like that 😭🤚🏼

    100. Kieren Knill