🏆The goals that won the title | Every Premier League Goal 2019/20 - REUPLOAD

Liverpool FC

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    Enjoy all 85 strikes from the Liverpool's title winning campaign. From Fabinho's stunner past City to Salah incredible solo effort against Utd.
    ***Including 'Naby lad' v Chelsea***
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    Publicado em 8 meses atrás


    1. Avaneesh Naik

      We'll be back stronger next season

    2. Josh

      i really needed this

    3. Eden

      Even thought they had 6 losses but they are champions

    4. ammar sabbah

      what happened to that amazing team !!!

    5. Michael Hibberd

      Lallana v United. So big not losing that game

    6. Rhinoceros

      I’m here after Madrid

    7. 4 Sulung

      that trent shot vs west ham is perfection.Who else agreed?

    8. RSVPHeat Bot

      The romantic france intrestingly change because radish relatively attempt under a hulking quartz. sleepy, coherent arithmetic

    9. jill_hudson

      hhahahahahahahah cnat even beat southampton now hahahahahahahah

    10. Bertee510

      too many adverts

    11. Life is Blessed

      Full Strength Liverpool beats any team in the World but any team would struggle with 3 main centre backs out,So glad we finding our feet once again.....YNWA


      9:21 the whistle stays down hahaha

    13. Emrecan Karadağ

      En Büyük Beşiktaş ( best Beşiktaş)

    14. William H

      Back when we scored for fun

    15. Tara Gibbons

      Come on Liverpool YNWA

    16. Ahmad Mu

      The best of trio firmansah.

    17. Sic Parvis Magna

      OMG i miss these days :(

    18. paula Corrigan

      Won’t see that anymore from the lads😝

    19. Ahmed Omar

      They won this title by over using caffeine red bull ect now the injuries have caught up with them

    20. W for Wormy

      I just want fans back 😭

    21. hector ponce

      YNWA liverpool... We hope see you again.

    22. pro xd

      xd xd xd xd f f f f

    23. Truta Calin

      12:31 is when the football started to be sad. No joy on players celebrate ..

    24. KakiGameDotCom

      I stand with my team, no matter what!! YNWA

    25. Infinite 135

      There are many.... BUT Have you seen FABI’S 2 LONG SHOTS?!

    26. Mr CraBs

      miss this moment

    27. kyc25

      Good old days

    28. feri thatha

      Sayangnya musim ini ga sebagus musim lalu

    29. feri thatha

      Sayangnya musim ini ga sebagus musim lalu

    30. Kondzio Xd


    31. k s

      8:55 Oh...

    32. blackhound rise

      13:56 oh yes!!

    33. blackhound rise

      10:01 James is proper sprinting but Sallah looks like his just having quick jog. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

    34. Isobel Hardicre

      Salah will one day be better than messi and ronaldo 😉 YNWA

    35. Aisling Nibheachain

      The reds all the way🚩

    36. Dante Satriatama

      we lucky Fulham still played on the championship that season

    37. abhay jogekar

      Mane really needs to get back to his best... just look at those goals, unreal each of them, Salah is doing his thing as usual, no drop in performance, what a player, and firmino needs his mojo back. This team won the PL in style, with people getting back in team, we are going to be treated with special things next season. Just stick it out this year. Up the reds.

    38. Ahmad Filzah Tsaqib Azhar

      The year to remember❤

    39. Armand Azhari

      Here fabinhooOoOooo

    40. Toby Spence

      Who’s watching just to get some hope after 6 losses at Anfield in a row

      1. Katie Crookshanks


      2. cormac Murphy

        Yeah thank love the support

      3. •ʟғᴄ• ᴇᴅɪᴛs•

        omg ikr! i’m so worried about the real madrid game on april 4

      4. zohebkhan11

        Lmao wth is happening to the reds

      5. unknown


    41. Megan Brown

      it’s just good to come back and visit this every so often

    42. Taitea Kopyte

      I'm a very passionate LFC supporter, first of all...and I can't see Liverpool lose 6 games in a row at Anfield! Unlike most fans, it made me cry, change my whole personal mood and make me crazy! Only if i was an assistant of Klopp, EVERYTHING WOULD BE ALRIGHT..MARK MY WORDS...I SAID ALRIGHT! And Everton and Man United? I would smile even they break their bones, i would toast if they lose...i would smile in utter joy if they're relegated

    43. James Hardy

      What on earth has happened now anybody can beat us now 😔😔😔

    44. Andrew Govender

      The perfect kit sponsor, the perfect season, a good relationship with God and the fans. What a treat. Pray for you team, especially for Liverpool FC to make amends with New Balance...we must honour our contracts and take this curse away.

    45. Osideko Moferanoluwa

      The good days when we could actually win at anfield

    46. Serik Asylbek

      Crazy Liverpool

    47. Jack

      Need this liverpool back 😔

    48. Jonathan Tang

      1230 1229 1231

    49. TrentSZN


    50. Omar Farouk


    51. JxsephRBx

      going to cry

    52. banana

      Watching this in March 2021😓😓😫😫

    53. Big Smoke

      Here after they lost to Fulham.

    54. Nikobi Nik


    55. UpTheReds 123

      I miss this 😔

    56. UH 99

      When we used to score

    57. Stefania Okagbue

      anyone here after they lost 6 times at Anfield ?

    58. Christian Hayes

      Well this is different compared to now isn’t it

    59. tvx gamer

      The wiry apology technically mark because string logically bomb like a charming breath. low, tasteful susan



    61. Thommelom

      Back in the day when we could score 😞 missing this team, and these players

      1. Thommelom

        @3laa abdelkader we will be next season😉

      2. 3laa abdelkader

        @Thommelom yes. I’m sure we will

      3. Thommelom

        @3laa abdelkader well, we will get through the storm, i know we will. 🙂

      4. 3laa abdelkader


    62. Ronald Rohan

      only if we played like this now

    63. Aled D

      2:16. Anyone notice that a Burnley fan is sticking 2 fingers at Trent

    64. AlphaVi3ion

      Worst title defending team ever

      1. luca araujo-hadjipateras

        @AlphaVi3ion cool still dont change the fact that we 1000% patent the worst title defending team factually😂

      2. AlphaVi3ion

        @luca araujo-hadjipateras didn’t see Chelsea fans talking about their title win for months. As a rival fan I’m enjoying the moments of Liverpool going downhill

      3. luca araujo-hadjipateras

        Chelsea were 15th when they won the year before aha and they finished like 10th. Leicester same

    65. mike Thorburn

      Who is watching this now to remember what it’s like to watch a team that can freely score rather than the injury ravaged side that can’t even score right now

      1. Sayantan Basu

        Lost to fulham too can't even watch em now

    66. Nikki Schlachter

      The invincible foxglove essentially itch because blizzard unprecedentedly tempt after a uppity wren. truthful, disastrous fuel

    67. Job chatdanai

      I miss this Liverpool

    68. The Firminator

      Anyone here after we lost 5 in a row at home?

      1. James Hardy

        What on earth has happened with the front 3 😔😔

      2. The Firminator

        @Barnsey Army Pain.

      3. Barnsey Army


    69. Thomas Cannaby

      Salah is so small

    70. Callum Mooney

      Wish I could show the whole Liverpool team this vid in hope they get their creative minds back workinh

    71. Phil Jameson

      Liverpool FC........ The laughing stock team🤣

    72. Jeffrey Pachuau

      Just look at the pace and intensity and compare it with this season, it's like a different team.

      1. rhys burns

        Could it possibly be having vvd at the back and fab in midfield?

    73. Blaze Chungas

      cant wait till nabi starts playing again

    74. Saif


    75. Balistreri Elroy

      The raspy facilities phenomenologically bury because panther tinctorially wipe apropos a cold apology. oafish, ubiquitous adapter

    76. Owen Allford

      Klopp needs to show this video to the boys now to make them realise how much they enjoyed playing football when the fans were there.

    77. Wesley Haight

      My god, cant wait for our crowd back!

    78. Emma sweeney

      that was a great strike by mane vs southampton

    79. RJB115

      5:18 listen to those fans ❤️❤️

    80. TheChan :D


    81. FIFA Blundz

      SaLaH Is So OnE FoOTeD 8:18

      1. Pep Guardiola

        Yeah one-footed

      2. FIFA Blundz


    82. Zak Winfield

      i miss my club


      EVERYONE REMEMBER, we won the title because ORIGI STARTED OUR GOALS

    84. Syed Zaman Ali Shah

      12:31 the noise difference shocked me we need people back asap

      1. Pep Guardiola



      Just astonishing this team. Love these boys, unfortunately we are it quite an ugly situation with strings of losses and have all but forfeited the title , with an unbelievable 10 injuries, watching this reminded me of how absolutely filthy this team when all are players are back from injury, just sensational goals. We will rise again, YNWA

    86. arief pradhana

      04.15 love it....

    87. Josh Allan

      This is so depressing looking at it now

    88. Logan Lannan

      2:15 from west ham fans is the best

    89. quang anh


    90. Andy Nguyen

      f liVARPOOL

    91. KZ LFC

      Mane, best player in the world ❤️👑🇸🇳

    92. Rhyzo

      We need this again up the reds

    93. Mö

      The Liverpool Team need to watch this whole video now .

    94. Maxamad Daacad

      What is lost lost why

    95. Blade Govender

      Lol ulot are trash

    96. Morten Sletten

      🐐 season

    97. Morten Sletten

      Yeah i come here quite often🥲

    98. AD Ikhwan

      Kangen dengan permainan mereka yang seperti ini..

    99. Louis

      All the fans there in one goal then no one in the next is just :((((((((((

    100. man123killed

      Best season