Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!


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    Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer is live now and was crazy! This video has a tonne of gameplay details and information about the game from guns, game modes, specialists, maps and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. Christian ziko

      I just want the regular spotting system back like in bf1

    2. V Damke

      equipment is so out dated for year 2042 at least looking at the trailer

    3. Buffalo142

      This all sounds pretty lame af. I’m not gonna buy this it already seems disappointing

    4. TastyDiarrhea

      This is going to be a long match

    5. Vic Vergalito

      Trailer was pretty cool, and the info on the game sounds like it'll be great if executed correctly...but get out of here with specialists...random soldier designs was what made BF3 and BF4 so good. Don't need everyone looking the same running around

    6. Noah’s Lego

      Tell dice we need a campaign. i’m sure it would be fucking amazing.

    7. Poopsie

      Don't know why everyone's so salty about the specialists, it brings more variety to the game

    8. PAPS NY

      No single player mode? Hmmm i wonder why lol

    9. HardStyler-RP

      No SP but still 60$

    10. Fridolf måne

      People will farm the shit out of the AI for progression.

    11. Jay

      Seems like I'm the only one that doesn't care about the specialists lmao.

    12. Major blitz

      Does dedicated servers mean we will be able to rent and personalize servers again as on BF4?

    13. mnmsaregood1

      Just give us generic soldiers

    14. TheTopMostDog

      I'm going to lose my mind if it's plagued by thermal optics and across-map Doritos. Hopefully they go back to a Battlefield2-style comorose that's more responsive and feature rich. Also 6 or 7 man squads. Hnnnng! Edit: I see a lot of people complaining about the specialists. Just wait and see, imo. Early battlefield games had more classes for better specialization, and it played really well. I was really disappointed to find the pitiful soldier skill tree they put in bf5 after touting about customization. At the very least, being able to take whatever gun you want, it's gonna be a lot more fun not having to deal with objectively inferior weapons just to level a class you've not played before. It's really the least of my concerns right now. I mostly hope they optimize the netcode for low latency, and we get no more "dying in one hit" experiences, or dying behind cover (you know, how they screwed with the time to kill like a dozen times after bf5 release? Yeah, that was netcode causing it, not ttk).

    15. pumpkineater23

      It looks great but I find it difficult playing FPS on a flat-screen now. We need a VR section to BF2042. Flat-screen gaming is yesterday's tech.

    16. Saucy Dangles

      You don't sound too excited Jack

    17. Mr Zander

      So all the specialist equipment are just copied from rainbow six siege…

    18. Emmet Wilson

      All round insaneeeee

    19. Run up

      No campaign? That’s fuckin stupid

    20. Mik Moen

      "No Singleplayer Campaign' Well fuck this game then.

    21. Viktor KULIJANIC

      6:56 the US would love that map

    22. Gravity Slave

      Good luck for the handful of gamers on finding a game on next gen consoles. All the scalpers are sitting on the rest of the consoles. No BR? Boo. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    23. Cooper Anderson

      No single player..uses battlepass.."specialists"..time gated lackluster content.. ughhhh..I was so hyped for the trailer. Not going to pre order.

    24. Rave Shadows

      I can already predict next video in Dec:Top tips and tricks in battlefield 2042.

    25. LordPeebington the first

      with most servers being 165+ ping, ai might be my only way to not rage every few seconds.

    26. evilferet2

      Specialist idea sounds like a nice addition

    27. Sn3aKyFrEaK

      Rather want to be a worthless nameless soldier in a huge ass battlefield than some action movie with main actors

    28. AvengerArts

      Cross platform??

    29. Akanono

      Everyone: "I dOn'T lIKe tHe sPeCialIsT fEatUrE" Me: "This is gonna be dope..."

      1. Tyson Thompson


    30. AlphaQ2

      I love how people complain about specialist, without actually having a reason why lol probably the same people that run medic and don’t revive.

    31. Stevie Hodge

      Yeah, I’ve been a fan of the Battlefield franchise since BF2 although I was very disappointed with BF1 and BFV this newest installment of Battlefield looks great and to me somewhat nostalgic or reminiscent of BF3 which was always my favorite of all the Battlefield series. Will Battlefield 2042 be my new favorite? I can’t wait to get my hands on it. But there’s one thing mentioned that has me curious as to if Battlefield’s newest game is going to have a large number of players who will want to play or not play and it’s really huge in a lot of FPS games today and that is Battle Royale. Battlefield not taking this path could or could not play a big part in its survival as a great game. I myself love Battle Royale type games but as far as that goes with Battlefield,,,,, let’s just say it is not going to effect my take on this new Battlefield. I will be more than happy with the fact that Battlefield is back on track with modern day weapons. Thank God!!

    32. Jesus Sandoval

      Im high asf and excited to play BF 2042 lit as fuck!!

    33. Ryan

      Will be waiting for this to drop on price not paying full price a multiplayer only game.

    34. Jace Winger

      Okay we get it you don’t like the specialists stop whining about it 😂

    35. Daniel Scott

      Is no one going to talk about how this game is going to probably be a 200GB game

    36. Diactivated

      Release day?

    37. i dont care

      Specialists? Dam, this could have been a good battlefield.. ..can't wait to see 20+ of the same character fighting 20+ of the same character thanks to poor balancing and meta's, that's going to be so immersive! Tragic.

      1. Bernd Arndt

        So how is that different to bf classes?

    38. blazed glocc

      2 words FUCK YES

    39. misuyy fong

      Everything was cool until the specialists

      1. Tyson Thompson


    40. Brosiah42

      Oh great, can’t wait to see all these clones running around. I hate specialist/operatives.

    41. Petar-Vasilij Sivcev

      Its gonna be better than laggy COD!!!!

    42. Killa

      So no gamelay footage...

      1. Killa

        Sorry, I don't speak stupid.

      2. misuyy fong

        No specialists please

    43. Lay Soe

      Mane 🤦‍♀️ why why why tf do they wanan be like call of duty. Battlefield 3-4 was perfect 🙄🙄🙄🙄 should’ve made it like that

    44. Akira Stark

      Oh god damn it, don’t do specialists, Dice.

    45. seal duck

      i hate conquest

    46. MIKE Dejesus

      Battlefield always had specialist right?

    47. sam perks

      i'm all for specialists. always hate being a boring ass basic grunt

    48. Richard Shambaugh

      Wow they added single player ai games? (Pre ordered)

    49. Andrea Res

      As a South African im exited for Casper

    50. Morgan Chapman

      Dice -- Love 'em, hate 'em, bring on the Battlefield! I'll be there.

    51. Andrea Res

      I hope there will be older tanks still like m1a2 abrams not only fictional one's

    52. The Law

      You can order a container strike from a tornado, you can control a container crane and load a container ship, a space rocket will or will not lauch, you can order a tank delivery anywhere on the map. Oh yeah, this gonna be a real fucking mess.

    53. Andrea Res

      If ismashmy tank ina building or my helicopter it better be like the trailer smashed to pieces.

    54. Sneaky Bastard

      “Sandstorm.. (derude)” you bastard

    55. Jacob Randall


    56. The Law


    57. Koee Pipins

      No specialists please

    58. Critical

      no campaign that sucks

    59. omega con4

      Automated Anticheat System? NONE

    60. Yash P

      I would love to see COD vs BF fight one more time…


      shame we got no fast knifing mechanic

    62. Adam Saenz

      No American specialist? Europeans dominated battlefield one and battlefield five I’m tired of it.

      1. Samin Latif

        I’m sure there is an American specialist, just not one of the 4 announced. Also, it kind of makes sense that there were way more Europeans in BF1 and BFV. I mean, it was the WWs wasn’t it


      Y’all in your feelings over the specialist 😂😭

    64. A Dream

      Pretty PC cutscene, but what about consel the scene with the guy ejecting himself from the jet and destroying another with rocket launcher. Please explain how that works considering he has no seat any longer😂👀💯

    65. Mats Yoo

      warzone: *has great success* dice: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

      1. Tyson Thompson


    66. That one humanoid

      Damn. I’d really hoped this would be fantastic after the trailer but I knew after BFV it would be an uphill battle. Looks like it’s more stupid skins and character customization instead of anything people actually play BF for.

    67. RGB_Flames

      I really like the way the game sounds, however, I'm quite saddened that there isn't a story mode, but at the same time, I rather the game not being the same size as my hard drive

    68. Sauce Boss

      I would rather have Battlefield VIETNAM

    69. minitebuhzed

      Trully some intelligence made with this one lets hope at least not this cod garbage year after year

    70. NebulaBandit

      I’m pretty sure a lot of people are misunderstanding the whole specialists thing

      1. Tyson Thompson


    71. Double G

      Just hope they don’t get too caught up trying to mimic warzone. Wish they’d have shown a bigger focus on commanders and strategy.

    72. Jonathan Jacquet

      No story? No single player campaign? [sad soldier noises]

    73. Just a MuffHugger

      Finally something that could possibly replace bf4 😭

    74. WhereIsSamurai ?

      bro everybody complaining about the smallest things, third person executions, specialists, like come on guys. Can the game evolve, it won’t be the same forever guys. You should be happy everyone is hype for the game, it has a real chance against cod after that terrible bf5. So who cares about those small changes, instead of complaining let’s support!

    75. Athenios

      Lots of bo4 similarities. Hope this works out.

    76. LG

      In 2042 we're still kick-starting quads! 😂😂

    77. TIPO McRo

      So now Russia and USA are friends?

      1. Our Father In the Green

        More like US and China are friends, can’t mention China now can we

    78. Roccossr

      Aka battlefield bo2

    79. Mooo

      No singleplayer this game will flop for sure

      1. Samin Latif

        I agree that no campaign is a shame, but realistically, think of the playtime for campaign vs multiplayer. It’s not even a competition

    80. Mason Raley

      Looks cool but I still enjoy the campaign as well

    81. Calvin Turner

      Charms and knife skins ugh again ....

    82. Mitchell Lynch

      Going to be such a good generation, looking forward to these new games. Finally something new and different + cyclones

    83. Iroquois Pliskin

      Battlefield: COD snuck one in on us, kudos. Also Battlefield: Watch and learn boys.

    84. Monster

      Is The gameplay tomorrow Sunday? And you said the beta gets released on the 15 but is it this month or the next.🤔🙂

    85. John Dincontro

      Please be cross platform..

    86. Commander Bly327thlegion

      So if u get it on ps4 you get half the game 😂

    87. St1nkySausage

      Progression while playing against bots? lmao im sure no one will abuse that.

    88. David DeBergh

      If I can’t use an Attack Penguin I’m going to lose it

    89. Michael's GAMING channel!

      Where the gameplay ? Lol

      1. Samin Latif

        Sunday, apparently

    90. Sw33t

      would be cool if there was a free battlefield

    91. Dan Phillips

      Thank god they've gotten rid of the class system, I was always sick of the way gadets were locked with the use of certain weapon types. Hopefully there will be more people around to heal, revive and take care of vehicles now.

    92. Branden Vargas

      Dam no battle royal

    93. Vandlassie

      so, battlefield now trying so hard to be wannabe-hero shooter huh? good luck then

    94. Riccardo73

      and naturally there will be a good anti cheat system as always

    95. Iyce Phoenixx

      Lol, darude

    96. Tropical Fruit

      Why the specialists and gadgets? Why can't we have classes that have specific weapon types or one down to earth specific item like defib or AP materials? Now suppose there's an even distribution of the specialists; you'll have 32 of the exact same person running around at the same time... Just commit to a faction, make them all German, all African, and so on, and make them all be the generic nobody within a specific role. It was also annoying in BF1 where every class looked the exact same way. tl;dr don't make it Rainbow Six Siege the multiplayer, make it Battlefield...

    97. Gerald Mahapranaja Pillian

      Why is so much people already complaining about specialist this and that. The lot of us hasnt even tried the game yet.

    98. Nuanced Observer

      I would have liked to see them revisit a war between the US and China, but I'm sure they are scared to offend the Chinese audience. So instead we get Russia vs. US yet again....

    99. Magnum Crockett

      If they keep attrition, IT'S A FUCKING NO FROM ME DAWG.

    100. Gmail Account

      I feel like anyone who plays battlefield, uses an android. 🤣