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    asking boys awkward questions and lexi and i got into the festival season!
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    has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

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    1. Michael Fisher

      The Andrew Pierson Jeremy trio is one of the best chaotic trios on youtube

      1. Sdjfvvpifjvsiorufnvnvsroiu Srkbwencweporjbc

        •BUBBLE TAE• is so trippy

      2. Sdjfvvpifjvsiorufnvnvsroiu Srkbwencweporjbc

        Megan Rosebar it's so trippy

      3. Itz Ging

        @Sdjfvvpifjvsiorufnvnvsroiu Srkbwencweporjbc ikr 😭😭😭😭

      4. Derek Thompson


      5. BlueBerryCow

        @Lilo Is the baddest not really though

    2. Sara Reed


    3. Kwame Gyan Official

      Andrew is so funny seriously....some playboy looks

    4. Darien Farmer

      Pierson: this will cut to me with the outfit on 3 2 1... BRcall: Ad time

    5. mrdixonn

      Y'all lit

    6. Vedika Barot

      "I don't need a boyfriend because I have Lexi". 🥺 "She's a square". 😂 "Are you a hat Lexi? Cause you are throwing shade". 😏 I love their friendship! 💖

    7. Lily Wymore

      Jeremy: idk we’ve never been on a date before or anything Me getting flashbacks to when he set up a date with Pierson: ✋💀

    8. Nick Saraf

      Mm what do you think about it though lol

    9. Hector Rojas

      God loves ya and always will!

    10. maxwell osei-gyamerah

      Do you all love the funny parton Pierson's channel

    11. Spineless Faith Holden

      It’s May

    12. Natasha Gerbrandt


    13. Ramram Entena

      Peirson is so funny 🐽💮

    14. Star girl

      Dino nuggies 🦖🍗

    15. butter scotch

      She said india 5:52

    16. Saiful and Amani Hassan

      So funny 😀😃😄😅😆

    17. Saiful and Amani Hassan

      I can't wait ✋until I watch this love 💘you and your videos I have 👍liked this video peace ✌out

    18. Caitlin COCHRANE

      lol that cool transition went into a ad

    19. Saffron Chauvin

      Right as they did the tranceition there was a add

    20. Deema Jammaz

      Can we just talk about how pierson is so confident and and amazing gurl I love you!!!!

    21. Maia-Grace Dickey


    22. Vanessa Shimota

      You are hilarious and make me smile all the time thx :)

    23. Hannah Lackowitz

      I need to know what the dress they took a photo in is called cuz I need it now

    24. Kaci Burnette

      Is it pronounced 'Sheen" or "She-in'? Let me know.

    25. VIVIAN LEE

      Pierson btw its dino nuggies

    26. Destiny Udeh

      Omg my mom told me too that I'm to old to eat dinno nuggets I'm only 12

    27. Farhin Adel

      Pierson is so funny

    28. Jojosiwastan

      0:00 and 0:19 I really hope you didn't waste it 😀

    29. sonia johns

      Pierson: I do t need a boyfriend I have Lexie Lexie: your a square

    30. Lilly Holland

      8:40 ....Whaaat did she just do right there? XD

    31. Riya Nasnodkar

      Omg Andrew!!!

    32. Angel 1608

      Bridgit Mendler, Karla Souza and Zoey Deutch had a kid. Idk the scientists did it illegally or something

    33. Lilly Holland

      Did they get a new kitchen or-? ;-;

    34. Samuel Root

    35. ndumiso shangase

      i didnt know andrew has braces

    36. Yasmin Yildirim

      Pierson, why did you say it's April😂😂😂it may

    37. Dulaj Amarasiri

      This is my "Onlyfan" 😂😂😂😂😂

    38. drelinas

      I watch your videos every time im crying and sad coz of loneliness

    39. Vaishnabee Mohanty

      Well the background behind seems like India

    40. Yamunabai Habib

      It's May month Pierson 🙄👍

    41. Just Randomness

      You're never too old to eat Dino nuggets

    42. Cylan Wright

      Be a Christian

      1. Cylan Wright


    43. Shikha Gupta


    44. Shikha Gupta


    45. Shikha Gupta


    46. Shikha Gupta


    47. Shikha Gupta


    48. Shikha Gupta


    49. Shikha Gupta


    50. Shikha Gupta


    51. Shikha Gupta


    52. Shikha Gupta


    53. Shikha Gupta


    54. Shikha Gupta


    55. Shikha Gupta


    56. Shikha Gupta


    57. Shikha Gupta


    58. Shikha Gupta


    59. Shikha Gupta


    60. Shikha Gupta


    61. Shikha Gupta


    62. Airine Shaju

      Indian 5:56 Aew♥️♥️

      1. Airine Shaju

        I love Amp world from India Literally i wish some day i will be able to see them

    63. Gergana Chulova

      The toilet paper megablower 3000 X was actually so cool I want one

    64. isy Joey

      Pierson change your beauti do u guys agree

      1. isy Joey

        Pls agree

    65. Jughead Jones🥵🥵

      Brent hearing Pierson saying she doesn't need a boyfriend 😐

    66. Mr. Anonymous

      Love the dress👗❤

    67. Taha Fatima

      Jeremy is always chewing gum love from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

    68. Kristiblue92

      I mean, andrew never said no to liking someone of the same sex soooooo.....

    69. Ya boi Kidawesome13

      I love how Andrew is wearing a New York Yankees jersey when he lives in LA and he likes soccer

    70. Lydia Rahman

      Dino nuggets oh my go-

    71. Lanika Mustafa

      R.I.P THAT ..... AYYY

    72. Lil clxudll

      cant be a pierson video without the first few seconds being so funny

    73. Dr.Maneesha P H

      I love u Pierson ❤️❤️❤️❤️pls pin this comment..🥺

    74. Kavitha Nasanakota

      I love peirson alot ...

    75. Abbie And Clara

      Lexi and Pierson has the most wonderful friendship.....they are so lucky to have each other in their life

    76. Vittal Davarashatty

      Good luck

    77. Pariniti Phukan and Digangana Phukan

      5:51 she said india 👑 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 yay

    78. Aniket Wadje

      U come to India as I am an Indian u would love it

    79. Ez Myth

      i need to wash my eyes with holy water ASAP

      1. kolim jone

        I love Pierson she is my romodel

    80. Malakaya Vlogs and stuff

      Shein uses sweatshops and child labor…. That’s why it’s cheap 😑😐

    81. Juan Jimenez

      Pierson mom being a mood in the 0:14

    82. Sara’s Activities!

      Pierson and Lexi look pretty whatever way they are

    83. Sara’s Activities!

      I have the same mini cam

    84. Hi Hello

      The toilet paper blower got to me should I make one

    85. mr power srikes

      Its may

    86. G G

      okay but like-PIERSON IS SO TAN

    87. Antonyo Barrios

      7:13 😳

    88. Ryan Moore

      Brent knows she makes the worst content

    89. Bonnie the Gamer Bunny

      ...Pierson why u make me laugh all the time because I love u and Lexi's channels 👍😁😊

    90. Addison Forrest

      Do you guys have a pool at your house?

    91. Kylie Nova

      I love your vids Pierson

    92. Random

      Cool transition my but bruh after she put her hand infront of the camera it transitioned to an AD thanks youtube just what I wanted 😅

    93. Plutogirl521 Roblox

      Yes yes LoL

    94. Emani DeSouza

      I love Pierson she is my romodel

    95. AlexLucasGaming

    96. Funny Experiment Hub

      Awkward 😂

    97. Yasmina Dinnie

      I love how piersons parents are thier everyday

    98. Kristīne Zdanovska

      Pierson what is your favorite color???❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🔴🔵⚪

    99. Sarah van Os

      Pierson: Lexi is my biggest hype man. Lexi: You're a square


      Title of the video : asking boys awkward questions Started to ask questions when 6mins out of nine minutes were done ✔ lol 😆 😅