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Ariana Grande

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    Ariana Grande - pov (official live performance) | vevo

    Let’s talk about Ariana Grande’s voice for a sec. At the start of this Official Live Performance of “pov,” the superstar reveals the strength, depth and emotional clout that her instrument is able to share at any given moment. It’s an extended passage that swoops to unexpected places while remaining centered. “You got more than 20-20 babe/made of glass the way you see through me,” hovers in the air, and then the band sweeps in and everything swells a bit more. But it’s Ari that has established the tone, Ari that’s carrying the ball. It’s masterful in a way, and the lush set design bolsters both the song’s dreamy mood and her fetching fashion statement. Fans know that “pov” is from last year’s ‘Positions’ - a career high point for a vocalist who has a natural way of totally enchanting her audience. We have other performances coming in this series. Follow our socials and you won’t miss a thing.

    The Vevo official live performance of “pov” by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:

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    Drums: Aaron Spears
    Bass: Eric Ingram
    Guitar: Natural
    Keys: Nelson Jackson III
    TM: Roshad Ismail
    Makeup: Ash K Holm
    Hair: Josh Liu
    Style: Mimi Cuttrell


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    1. Leonardo ReVe


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    3. Jocelyn Manzanares

      I love this song Arianna grande

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      Can't believe we never got an official video though.

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      Positive optimistic victorious

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      Ariana Grande doesn't need autotune, the autotune needs her.

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      Just wow

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      Am I the only one who sees that thing on top of ariana like sweetener world tour's stage

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      Her voice is so nasal here? Weird but it's great

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      Mmm ngogheyy

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      She have a Really pretty Voice

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      Please drop the MV for this song with your wedding video in it 🥺❤️😬

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      The talent in this woman….

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      Ariana grande in fortnite live concert

    25. Milly Rodríguez

      Is it bad that I love more these live performances than the studio versions? 👉👈

    26. Andres Felipe Alarcon Muñoz

      Es tan preciosa.

    27. sweet lullaby

      the performance, outfit, set and camera work is superb

    28. Leonardo ReVe


    29. Leonardo ReVe

      I love you Ariana and my respects for the beautifull voice and body thet you have you are the bestsinger i know my respects i encouraje you to for those and awards que te mereces

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      Ladies and gentlemen, the most iconic woman of our generation

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      And the haters still never get a chance.

    34. Nia

      nasty next PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

    35. La Phonk

      0:03 It is her own fault that she left at a difficult moment It’s your fault that I’ve got paranoia .. I left all light in the dark .... to hell and a devil .. a turning point .. I don’t need your line .. already

    36. Štěpán

      I hope this song play on fortnite concert

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      I love you ariana

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      i wanna love me the way my 6 y/o self love and adore my present me

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        Ew no one wants that

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      I love her songs so much. I love her too. 😭😭She she is so beautiful. She is the reason why i wake up in the morning and bts and stray kids them 😭😭😭

    45. Shenal Perera

      This is how entering heaven must feel like ❤

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      I love This Song🥰🥰🥰😻😻😻

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      She's a legend, her voice...its untoppable. Might not be a word but had to say it🔥🙌🤣

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      she is the vocalist of our generation. she will go down as a legend.

    50. Natália Ferreira

      Ariana Grande ❤️

    51. game master

      Literally her voice is better in live version than how in audio version

    52. Errel Zee

      Pov she voice amazing

    53. nurliza_putri

      Arina grande i luv u

    54. Conrado Luis


    55. Navya Hegde

      Autotune: Hey Ari! Come here. Ariana : Sorry! I don't talk to strangers 😉

    56. Robert Morales

      This performance makes me cry…ugly cry in fact. A true artist, she sings from a place of experience and that’s what makes this song so beautiful 💕💕💕

    57. Regina Coeli Lames

      Tbh, even without instrumental accompaniment, just her singing this in acapella will always be *LEGENDARY* for me.. it gives me ethereal vibes

    58. Nate Michael

      She should have been the little mermaid she would have been perfect for ariel

    59. Wookie Taatuine

      How can reach those high notes on live performance? simply amazing!

    60. ACRYBABY :3

      Nice vocal omgggggggd

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      Omg she's so talented. Her voice gives me chills. Luv u Ari

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      Her voice sounds like pure gold in an ancient Egyptian temple

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      She always killing it

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      0:43 ngokkey😭😭😭 ok ariana my love? your performance is perffecttt😭😭😭

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      She needs to make an acoustic version of this just like the dangerous woman

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      I’m so proud of you ari and I’m obsessed with these performances! Your vocals sounded so amazing!! ✨ I love you 💕

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      Voice of an angel

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      so nostalgic

    72. Sere seres

      beautiful beautiful song ♥ my gosh

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      Is perfect

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      Ari pls official preformace live motive plsss

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      i really love this song

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      Ariana needs to do a positions world tour

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      Ariana is the only singer I listen to that I listen to her live performances more than her studio recordings

    81. CARLA Morales

      nou speek ingles

    82. stream

    83. Anthony Villanueva


    84. Evelyn Cai

      I dunno if it's just me that hears this, but her upper belts sound a bit irritated, like ever so slightly scratchy. Not hating on her at all!! I'm absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous performance but I can't help but notice where her voice used to be bright and ringing has now become a bit raspy...?

    85. Maria Kwai


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    97. Keo Mony Reaksmey

      my god im goosebump listen to this wonderful performance.

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