I Bought A Water Park

Tom Simons

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    We went to a completely empty water park! Literally a childhood dream come true lol
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    Do you guys remember the description from the I met Wilbur Soot in real life video? I think it went like
    Today I met Wilbur Soot (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), Fundy, Philza, Tubbo \u0026 Nihachu in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ

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    1. Tom Simons

      I wasn't lying about vlogs ONCE A WEEK! please check the sub button if you enjoy :))

      1. ThatRandomDogPerson

        @UCywpH7sGPoRIDCZsb1dtGdw Your not mrbeast tho

      2. Square_bear


      3. ArnoldiiSaurus


      4. ArnoldiiSaurus


      5. joodles


    2. DeXleaZz

      I swear that’s water world

    3. Andrea Larson

      The Iconic red shirt 😀

    4. elijahplayz

      Wait a minute are you......... :O tommyinnit?!?! :o

    5. AlonePoem 348

      are you tommy or his brother?... o.0

    6. GayNotFound

      "we're a waterpark"

    7. Luke’s the Man

      This Tomothy man got the skill. Dose he though. Also Tommy got gogies/goggles

    8. Junior Leighton

      Bro I’ve been there

    9. Tae I'm cool


    10. 1% TTVFAVEKAY

      No u did not

    11. Meta Run

      I’ve been they’re I went they’re with coincidently my freind Tom

    12. C r e a m y

      u change ur name or diff channel

    13. Sparky gaming 99

      I’ve been to that water park it’s dope

    14. Tetrixx

      "COLOURS! George couldn't enjoy this." - Jack Manifold 2021

    15. no one important

      holy shit i went to this water park like 2 years ago

    16. : D

      His phone is waterproof, but not his mic. The audio was so scuffed-

    17. Kelli Colina

      You look like a kid

    18. NiftyNate10

      The chance of Tommy getting a gf is as low as the chance of him becoming an adult

    19. Umar Farük

      Tommy : I'm wearing goggle for you Ryan , health and safety first Ryan : *laughing awkwardly* Tommy : then ladies Ryan : 😂ahaha

    20. Fenris

      tommyinnit NA mrbeast jr he started by buying a water park in 2 years he will be buying the ocean while mr beast rn is buying planets oh i heard mrbeast bought negujr it had alien life and mrbeast gave them $50k each hes so nice

    21. LiveWire

      is this metradome?

    22. Albie’s gaming on roblox

      I’ve been there lmfao

    23. Eve

      2:25 Inside of dream, oh-h heh

    24. Joe Smith

      Omg i went to the same water park im crying

    25. Jessie Simpson

      Tommy drowninnit

    26. Abstract FN

      I have been to this exact water park it so much fun!!!

    27. Roblox_Afton

      Tommy makes my day better when I am sad

    28. fiamyio roblox fiamyio

      Rtvgtgb 4&dadaffb

    29. deny will

      The torpid corn mainly borrow because blanket supply subtract next a parallel taxi. trite, burly ukraine

    30. Tech Arts

      2:18 Literally Among Us

    31. Shin Br

      Tubbo`s final scream got me dead

    32. PixelatedFanta

      I literally go to this water park all the time lol

    33. good.vibes

      what water park is that?

    34. Brogan Smith

      it's in stoke on trent I've been

    35. ItsmeReem

      Why you should never let a child in a waterpark:

    36. Playz Bloomy

      Literally wear earphones, it feels like my ears aren't filled with water

    37. Dylan Williams

      where is this?

    38. macharstein

      4:42 hehehe.. tommy the undying

    39. grak

      tubbo has skydived but he wont do a waterslide

    40. meme man

      Bro I been there it's called water world

    41. avrkc exploding power


    42. X OVERDRiVE


    43. - spacefr0g -

      Now I wanna go to a water park or go swimming

    44. Emma Brittain

      Why is the water green

    45. No Sleep

      When I read the title I thought mr.beast uploaded this 😅

    46. Hydra

      No you didnt your a boy on 16 you dont have money for a water park. CAP FULL CAP.

    47. video fyren


    48. Mina a 🐈😻

      I love ur vlogs

    49. Selkie

      IS TUBBO *OK* 😭😂

    50. Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition

      I adore water parks. Naegleria Fowleri is an unwelcome surprise in very niche circumstances but MAN, the experience of it all is lovely. The plastic aesthetic! The thrills! THE SHAVED ICE!

    51. SVC Draw

      just click 04:28

    52. Linsnuggle

      Me : *hears Cuphead and Undertale Soundtrack playing in the video* Also me: *gets flashbacks from playing both games*

    53. julian mfDomCjDDjCTnDTNoNmolina

      2:29 YOU DIED


      I thought he said we're at a War Park

    55. Justin Sanders

      Why is the water GREEN

    56. Linsnuggle

      3:25-3:40 Tommy: My bum is always up- *Cuphead Soundtrack starts playing* Tubbo: *sees Tommy* THERE HE GOES!! Tommy: *constantly spinning* *takes a few seconds of silence as we see tommy sliding* *Cuphead Soundtrack continues playing* Tommy: AAAAAAHHH- (this part is just too chaotic for me XD)

    57. Vaporzy

      Why is the water green

    58. brandon

      That thumbnail made me think this was a diary of a wimpy kid movie.

    59. Elena Katrandzhiyska

      Best thumbnail ever 😂

    60. Mei Arlert

      Where to buy his shirt?

    61. Yeetify

      A wise man once said: "Only a small percent of you guys are actually subscribed"

    62. Sophie Village


      1. •mushroom man•

        It's not, that got shut down

    63. tepigboi

      this was soo funn bois!! im loving the vlogs soo much!! :DD

    64. Blade of the Ruined King

      Who is Tom Simons

    65. IC3¥_AJ

      That's in Blackpool I think

    66. XxDipper PinesxX ._.


    67. Confusion’s Corner

      bro they entered the backrooms wtf

    68. ZHCIsTheBest

      also, i have a question is your camera waterproof?

    69. Omid Zamani

      Tom is a simons or simons is a Tom?

    70. Stankymanky1

      The audio be like: 👁👄👁 no

    71. ZHCIsTheBest

      not gonna lie everyone of you has a high pitched girl scream

    72. Chloe Ruiz

      Just me or every time they scream it sounds like a goat 👁👄👁

    73. Riley Guice

      WhErE iS gOgY -Tom Simons 2021

    74. ☾︎Elipsena☽︎

      He still whit the red and white t-shirt :')

    75. Klein Oof

      ryan was a real one

    76. Boris M-Z

      I just want to say Tom looks dumd with everything

    77. Billy bob Joe

      The undertale music all ways makes it better(From a super big fan of undertale)

    78. FlayZz -_-

      Jack: goes in water Also jack: I just found out we can’t breathe down there Captain obvious

    79. Pheonix Gaming

      hi tommy i have been here

    80. Kane Broerse

      This qaulity looks like my 10 year old video’s

    81. Dante

      So that's why he hasn't bought his parent's house yet...

    82. Norwayforever55


    83. Brodiewastaken? Murphy

      Is this water world

    84. Giunteris

      Nobody: Not even a soul: Me watching tommyinnit and others going to waterpark because i cant go myself

    85. R4GE Flames

      0:39 makes me feel like this is similar or the exact place ally law got arrested at after a overnight challenge...

    86. シGhosty

      i swear ally law broke in here

    87. Alastor Theartist


    88. Jacob The Pig

      where was this?

    89. kunai

      damn i wanna have a water park all to myself

    90. DoggedSam42 -

      You didn’t buy it tho

    91. ishan gupta

      1:17 yup..thats our tommy with 10 mil subs

      1. joban

        "your tommy" :/


      you know when you get on a ride and immediately regret it I think that's what tommy felt

    93. Emma Collins

      Why is the water green lmaooo

    94. Ender Da Kool Guy

      hello tommy innit please record at 50 or 25 fps because led flicker is the literal devil ok -ender da kool guy

    95. That Dum Oneツ 2.0

      "WHERE IS GOGY, WHERE IS GOGY?!" Tommy's last words

    96. ZHCIsTheBest

      dude your friend with the blue shirt sounds like a girl 😅😂🤣✋

    97. Itz EshaGacha

      Me thinking:wAit I went there before I went on that before- DID I ACTUALLY GO TO THE SAME ONE AS HIM me:REEE TOMMYINNIT HAS BEEN AT A PLACE IVE BEEN

    98. Andrew Robinson


    99. Seamus Young

      If they ever go skiing I can't wait to see Tommy's t-shirt: winter edition

    100. Tiago Natalicio

      i like the part where he buys the waterpark