The Muffin That Saved My Life

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    The story of the muffin who saved my career and the friends he made along the way.
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    Featuring Sam Lavagnino (@Sam Lavagnino)
    Joel 'Roomie' Berghult (@RoomieOfficial)
    Michael 'Schmoyoho' Gregory (@schmoyoho)
    and Anna B (@Anna B)
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
    Animation by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman (@Wonchop)
    Edited by @Elliot Gough
    Main Channel (@TomSka)
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    1. Curious Biscuit

      This man got an 8-year-old to say: I wanna die, somebody kill me!

    2. 장미 소녀

      The muffin man's a man? .. Always has been

    3. chillaxatix

      -Muffin Man- *Mr. Muffin*

    4. Suzette Ordillas

      shame on those who disliked

    5. Explosive potato

      Using bits of the 1st,2nd, and 3rd versions of the muffin time song would've been pretty cool to see

    6. Slime

      I really like your T H I C C shirt

    7. Zaydan Abrahams

      Freaky girl: Tik Tok took it down for some reason. Me: because it’s as freaky as f**k

    8. Eternal Slayer

      When he said tik tok i started looking for my shotgun.

    9. Fossy gaming

      all of those early version of the song blend together super well tbh lol

    10. maddy elle

      The song, _The Muffin Song,_ is 3 years old today! ♡

    11. cyber the animatronic fox

      Oh, God...

    12. Carbon Gaming

      Wow they screwed you hard on those recordings. You actually did own those recordings not licensing the lines. As you made those lines and commissioned the voice. You have all rights of those lines and they don’t really have any rights to them. You paid for it before.

    13. Sawyer Paul

      Imagine if the record guys put the Image into the gold record, but the image had a Stereotypical Watermark from that time, like Bandicam. Would’ve been the coolest subtle nod of approval.

    14. ooflord dynamics

      This is sad

    15. John Paul


    16. prodigy101 legend

      Did somebody say, menulog!

    17. Medeuca

      “It needs to be a bop, it needs to slap” Sir I play the muffin song DAILY. Thank you for the gem 💎

    18. runtyrobot

      I mean this in the nicest way possible - Sam Lavagnino reminds me of a Pixar character

    19. Edins

      I am happy someone else dont likes tik tok

    20. Blake Thomas

      Suicidal thoughts + catbug = suicidal muffin = profit

    21. Mason Trimby

      A suicidal muffin saving your life, how ironic

    22. Cadentube Ohara

      I’d say mr muffins catchphrase is somebody kill me

    23. GuySaysThings

      oh god catbug is a teenager now I refuse to believe this I am not getting old I am not-

    24. PikachuMCx42

      I just want to say that Version 2 of the song (15:31) was very VERY good. I really liked it a lot, and I feel like it could have even had the potential to match the success of the one that was released. It just had a great flow and feel to it. :) Version 3 also sounded pretty interesting. Both had great concepts and unique feel.

    25. LumerIsDead

      If he ever stops doing videos, i gonna be sad. He is one of the best content creators we have in the entire internet


      15:26 I would like to hear the complete versions of these :/


        19:56 or the complete song with this version

    27. Matthew Parkinson

      Wtf mid way through the video the muffin says I wanna die and an advert comes up of a kid eating a muffin. Explain

    28. common568orange

      As soon as you played the cat bug scene my heart melted 😭

    29. Primecode

      Its muffin time!

    30. Zacatron Gaming

      Fun fact: catbird has his own book series

    31. Rich Hutnik

      Is it possible to have the creative process produce something that saves someone's life from depression, if the work still remains in obscurity and does not go viral? I have tried a lot of creative things, was created with coining the term Metroidvania and had 15 minutes of fame on a website for creation of the world's worst boardgame. I tried to do a BRcall channel also, but never had it succeed. How does one deal with the ideation of doom and ger out if it?

    32. fira mation ???

      Breaking news!!! Suicidal muffin turns into viral muffin singer! next on : Horse man went to jail commiting murder with a turtle bomb

    33. Pixwool

      I never realised how fucked up that muffin was huh

    34. ooga booG

      i remember getting pulled aside in class for singing it when i was 7

    35. Shiloh Collins

      ver. 3

    36. Drewnax

      Thanks for sharing man. When you said “fun part” I was like, “oh boy!” But man, you got time with that subversion right at the get go.

    37. You can’t say fuk but ass wtf YouTube Castilleja

      If it wasn’t for that muffin you would be the one saying I wanna die

    38. mexican duck

      The fourth version literally sounds like an anime opening lol

    39. Itzameh223

      A suicidal muffin...

    40. Izzymuzy

      I used to have that suicidal thing but I got over it but I still have it sometimes.

    41. Cheesytoesrat

      Famous muffin: Muffin the Mule No? Anyone?

    42. Aaron Salazar


    43. Blue Dragon42000

      Can you add an easter egg in a new asdfmovie? Local Muffin Want to Live!

    44. Demo

      Is muffin still alive or is he eaten

    45. Zach U

      I remember when the song 1st came out. Everyone was worried about you. We wanted to show our love and support. Happy that your doing better and going stronger than ever.

    46. Gamer Pigeon

      He really is The Muffin Man

    47. Galvanax Gaming

      Has anybody else thought that Sam kinda sounds like Christopher Walken when he talks?

    48. The Comedic Creator

      Whenever you played some TikTok, my entire body started physically hurting.

    49. SpiralAnimations

      15:03 Tom, you have to remember, if you didn’t suffer, the muffin would never have existed

    50. Barra Noble

      Damn, Tom is high quality today

    51. Heitor Arantes


    52. Michael Looks

      Thanks for lighting up my childhood, Tom.

    53. Sound Guy

      Wait did you have to re license the audio rights for the song on itune and spotify

    54. Ellenor Bjornsdottir

      License it bro.

    55. TGS m

      23:00 Just the way he says it 🤣

    56. Ian Place


    57. KingJuece

      English Muffin

    58. Kevin Bejko

      Yo dude you ok if your not ok I can help you but if you are just tell me

    59. Xtelora

      The most popular is the hamster muffin

    60. nino i doesn't care

      This song is hell!!!!!

    61. Momo -yao

      My brother has the muffin t-shirt

    62. Mr meep Beep

      A suicidal muffin A muffin that WANTS to die.. Saved your life Asdf movie logic.

    63. Jeffrey Buehler

      32:21 I was half asleep when this happend, I am now thoroughly awake

    64. Neapolitan Ice-cream

      I feel like all of the original versions could have been combined into one version if done correctly

    65. Pence Cat

      Yes catbug! I love him!!

    66. ItsSuperBoy O6

      But I wanna die!

    67. NeoTheKid _

      Banana nut muffins

    68. coolmool237

      Can We Take A Sec To Respect His Warning At The Beginning.

    69. Bent The Metal

      tik tok was just starting to go to shit when this vid came out

    70. Mr. Black

      Well i think i am muffin

    71. NoobSlayer XX5

      My username used to be called SwagMuffin

    72. jingle157

      It's so interesting that a lot of people who create humor for others are depressed, speaking about it openly, especially on this kind of platform raises a lot of awareness for mental illness aswell so thank you both for your great work and raising mental health awareness

    73. Kane Bishop

      I wish I was as creative as this man

    74. Muffin From AsdfMovie

      Who is tom

    75. Muffin From AsdfMovie

      Thank you Tom

    76. Muffin From AsdfMovie

      Did you save me?

    77. Paa Larbi Aboagye-Larbi

      11:7 to 11:10 no. just no.

    78. malyoshiro

      The bridge of the muffin song I changed the first line to "As I reach the end of the line" So lyrics will be: "As I reach the end of the line, I cant afford to say goodbye, You and I are bound together, Especially since cartoons live forever" I cry ;w;

    79. Kathan_the_Nerd

      *Hears how Suicidal Muffin was made* Kk... know i RLLY wanna know the origins of where the Skin Eating Flower came from! :D

    80. Hunter Shaw

      The way he said loz angelees

    81. Nick 2021

      Who’s the woman who sings the bridge of the song? I’ve been trying to figure out who she is? But couldn’t find any information or she isn’t credited

    82. Throwback Channel

      4:11 he does Baby Grizz

    83. Jude Cullen-Smart


    84. Saman kucher

      You have gotten fat my bro you need to stay away from muffins...

    85. SCaRtifex by SCaR

      Suicidal ideation... Never knew that was I thing. I think I need therapy 😩 I've never paid attention to the song. It's just something that I would hear my son play in the background. He just asked me to play the song and that eventually brought me here. Great stuff. Thanks for this! I went from not knowing who you are to watching this whole thing.

    86. Shawn Ferrer

      Yo I'm as old as the muffin actor

    87. 「HashBrown YT」


    88. Chumpy the Anteater

      Somebody kill me!

    89. Chris Amos

      Damn bruh you beefy now

    90. ArtisticGalactica

      I would like the full song of the original recording

    91. Rhyleigh Mackenzie

      Anna_B is super adorable And she's English...

    92. minidiamant l

      Oh, so now I know why I felt like crying every time that bridge came. I don't have Tik Tok though, I don't do anything about Tik Tok or have anything coming to me about it. (I didn't know anything about the muffin song on it)

    93. \ visual

      Can you put 230 videos

    94. Neon Coding

      Elliot (or whoever recorded the youtube pages) getting ads for pc watercooling? And code-fi? Can elliot get any better?

    95. chronowolf

      im glad that you explained your suicidal ideation, i have much of the same experiences in my own life and its quite hard to explain to people that at many points i was thinking about dying without actually doing it. some think its actually being suicidal, some think its just normal. im really glad that your experience is similar to mine and that its not unique to me, its really reassuring. thank you for sharing, that was very brave.

    96. Francisco Guadarrama


    97. Celyn Williams

      Tom: Can you name another famous muffin? Me: THAT MUFFIN IS LOOKING AWFULLY LIKE A HAMSTER! SOMEONE BAKED A HAMSTER INTO MY MUFFI- why am I shouting it?

    98. Aiden Kleidon

      The tic tocs are genuinely disturbing

    99. MasterGamer Playz


    100. Vesperitis

      I'm from Malaysia. I have that 'Wanna Eat Me?' Muffin shirt. There are some, not a lot, but some people here who recognize where it comes from.