Making liquid air

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    Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
    Nile talks about lab safety:​

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    1. chiari dude


    2. Richard Kelly

      I'm guessing this is possible because air is mainly nitrogen, so you made liquid nitrogen from thin air my dude

    3. jamassExD

      DrInK iT

    4. ¿CuzWhyNot?

      so if you drink the air and it goes in the lungs, will you choke because there is a liquid in your lungs or will you breathe the liquid.

    5. Richard Kuklinski

      What happens if he turns it to 10

      1. Richard Kuklinski

        Or 100

    6. Christopher

      I want to drink it so bad...

    7. Awkward Jester

      I want to chug that shit at 2:30am on a Monday

    8. J P

      TAKE A SIP!

    9. Doom Slayer

      I think I’m gonna be done drinking da paint

    10. Adonijah Alexis

      Can you drink it

    11. Ward Mosili

      What happens if you pour it on a towel or a shirt?

    12. Snekk

      I love how it just immediately starts vaporizing when you pour it out lol

    13. RoutineSoup202

      Drink it

    14. DJ DXD Games

      What if you turn it all the way up

    15. Livid Bunny

      Liquid air to the fluff sky cotton.

    16. Christopher Escobar

      F o r b i d d e n S p r i t e

    17. Bro

      Mc Donald sprite be like

    18. DanTheFish

      Drink it

    19. crushers but less edgy now

      What you do is put that shit into a vial and into a freezer, then, eventually when you become a super villain, you can drop this at your feet scare people off from chasing you

    20. The Sea of Stars

      So this is what that dude in the lorax meant to make

    21. Atlas Seven

      McDonald’s Sprite

    22. October Floof

      What would happen if you drank it

    23. Carina Swan

      Can I eat water down air

    24. Romyann Hoover

      Water is wet, air is also wet??

    25. Ciprian CC

      "Liquid air" tryin to sound fancy. Bruh atmosphere is made of 70% nitrogen. That's basically liquid nitrogen and some Oxigen maybe, if didnt boiled off before the N

    26. John Felix

      That's cool and all but what if we cranked it to the max

    27. Joakim Bekkavik

      Can you call it liquid oxygen instead of liquid air

      1. AY24

        It’s not the same

    28. Wouldn't you Like to know

      Holy F bro, - 200!

    29. Demoire Williams

      What would happen if you drunk it

    30. Daniel Garcia

      What would happen if you turn the cooler all the way up

    31. gg

      What would happen if you drink it?

    32. LiL NeeZy


    33. Nippon no Kokoro

      Why do i have an itch to touch it? Then he said negative 200 degrees and I'm like okay nvm

    34. Phony Tony

      Can I drink it?

    35. Zach Van Harris JR

      *LIQUID AIR*

    36. Xx_gacha._.Harmony_xX

      Infinite air

    37. OGXStorm

      Don't be shy drink it.

    38. Mood killer420

      Drink it

    39. Insanity and Insomnia

      Me: ToUcH bUbBlE wAtR

    40. Lumberjake Tree Service LLC

      I wanna drink it. Hydration for weeks

    41. Anthony Nguyen

      Does that evaporated liquid air smell fresh??

    42. Almond Milk

      Me thinking if I can drink it...😀

    43. restful flames

      What would happen if you put it in a vacuum chamber

    44. Hamptus Maximus

      You wanna see the most illegal thing I own *shows liquid water*

    45. Bruno Batista

      I really wanna drink it, but I don't wanna burn myself

    46. Kosmos

      the lorax part 2

    47. Xerks_

      we could be using this for water instead of the ocean :|

    48. dku 13

      What if he turned the power dial to 100

    49. Caiho Carrara

      Can you drink it?

    50. Idk Whattonamemyself

      Ok but what does it taste like?

    51. Iqbal Fauzan

      Air is consisted of Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2, water, and many other. So, that liquid air obviously consists of those

    52. ribis

      me the whole video, despite knowing that some bad stuff will happen - DRINK IT

    53. Doctor's DIY

      "It basically just really cold" -Nile Red

    54. Samuel Mwangi

      Is it drinkable? (asking for a friend)

    55. Pedro Cortez

      i wonder what happens if you flip the switch all the way up

    56. Mohamad Haszri

      imagine someone farted there when he collect the air water

    57. BoxofMadness

      Just the tip of it, hehehe

    58. Howdy

      Its -297 f. And refered to as Lox. (Liquid Oxygen) Used to service the Lox system on C-130j's btw 😉

      1. Claire L

        Well it's mostly LN2, but yeah there's a lot of oxygen too.

    59. Mr bacon guy

      Drink it

    60. John Mitchell

      Drink it

    61. Da. S.

      Its basicly Just a mixture of liquid Gases that are in the air, Like oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen

    62. Thalo H.

      If you fall into a tank full of liquid air would you drown or could just breath? (Lets just ignore that its insanly cold)

    63. Y_ ser

      Go ahead. Drink that

    64. Douglas Nyhof

      Turn it all the way up

    65. Vaibhav Patél

      turn the power dial *Just the beat*

    66. background character

      "They thought I was wrong..."

    67. Goat plays

      Imagine if he turned the dial all the way up, we going back to the ice age

    68. Adds / Aden Weird

      Is it drinkable

    69. DemonKiller756

      You can dump it anywhere and it will just disappear. Epic

    70. Adam Arens

      Yes but is it flavored air or just regular? Mio has a new air flavoring you know 😎

    71. DJ IQ

      That’s so cooooooooooooool

    72. Jamarian Richardson

      It’s so cold it’s hot

    73. bcltzy

      Drink it

    74. Trice Scott

      Pour some on fruit, veg, leaf, and roach to see what happens? While recording it so we can 👀👀 too.

    75. Trice Scott

      It’s the frozen liquefaction of air part and thawing for me.

    76. Javier Gutierrez

      Touch the liquid air 👉👈🥺

    77. Kaulukukui

      Could you drink it?

    78. DCJP

      Is it same with nitrogen liquid?

    79. Corpo Muta

      Drink it

    80. the Rotten pumpkin

      Bartender)hello what would like? (Me hi can I have liquid air with a shot of vodka please 😄😆

    81. Leo

      but what turn it to 11

    82. Nathan Findley

      Crank it up to 100 you won’t


      That liquid air looks fizzy, I wonder how it would taste...

    84. ME

      So what happens when you turn the power dial to the max

    85. Perrin O'Dea

      Drink it

    86. vikas tiwari

      This insaaaaaaaaane

    87. John Lejarso


    88. CryptedBones

      But is it drinkable

    89. extremedeerbruh 2

      Can I drink it tho

    90. RoosterCogburnPhD

      Could you down in this

    91. Trippy

      Honestly I want to drink that air is -200° in liquid form it’s dangerous but it looks like freaking water

    92. zaps345

      Is liquid "air" the right term tho? Wouldn't it be liquid oxygen or something?

      1. AY24

        No, it’s air which is a mixture of several different gases (primarily nitrogen but also oxygen, methane and others)

    93. Clookie

      I was legit expecting a "to do this" when Nile described the cryo-cooler: "... But it basically just get really cold. To do this, I just need to turn the power on"

    94. CJ

      So was that nitrogen and oxygen with other trace gases?

      1. AY24


    95. Kyle Thomas

      Invert your champagne, freeze the sediment, remove ice plug w/sediment. Have crystal clear sparkling wine.

    96. Mykhaylo Gorbushko

      Now we need transforn that into water and we can fill dry lakes hurray

    97. nizam shapii

      This Guy sub zero

    98. Mystery M

      Now the only chemical left to collect is crystalline dumbass dissolved in shitty life choices

    99. Eduardo Torres

      Can you drink this🤔