Old Soviet motorcycle full Restoration

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    Hello! I remember how as a child, my grandfather had a Ural with a cradle, the motorcycle seemed so huge and powerful, it rumbled throughout the village. Grandfather watched him and prepared for summer every winter. We went to the river, he fished, and I sat in the Urals and taxied, thinking that when I grow up I will definitely buy myself one. :)
    This is the Ural M63, 1969 year, it stood motionless for many years.
    The video "Restoring an Old Motorcycle" contains:
    Simple tool for loosening rusty joints
    Flushing the gas tank;
    Copper plating;
    Removal of rust by electrolysis;
    And other.
    Thank you for your attention, enjoy your viewing!

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    1. Miguel Quiroz

      Magnifico video, una bella joya, gracias por dedicar tiempo y paciencia para grabar, saludos desde México

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      absolutely perfection

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      Amazing well done.

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      ahhhhhh ASMR!

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      Appreciate the hard work ! Thumbs up from Pakistan.......

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      what a pro!

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    9. Andrew Koa Stephens

      Does anyone know if there are any interchangeable parts on this motorcycle and the BMW it was designed from?

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      Respect! ... from East-Germany!

      1. Great idea

        Thank you! Greatings from Siberia!:)

    22. Feli Van Zwart

      Patiently waiting for another Video 😄

      1. Great idea

        The process is in full swing, thank you for your waiting! :)

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    24. Vladimir Vladimirov

      Я уже устал ждать продолжения...ну че там с мини волгой?или что там?

      1. Vladimir Vladimirov

        @Great idea я так и понял у меня такой в детстве был.

      2. Great idea

        Это педальный Москвич, сейчас ищу пару дефицитных запчастей на него, совместно с ним делаю второй объект побольше:) Извините за Ваше ожидание.

    25. spellcaster1984

      круто! а на 19:54 это что такое?

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        @Great idea понял, спасибо! оно просто даже полезно иметь в виду, что за химия, вдруг пригодится.

      2. Great idea

        Спасибо!:) Это смывка краски фирмы "Боди".

    26. M J

      Watched it again amazing 😎🤗

      1. Great idea

        Thank you!:)

    27. Tanmay Pradhan

      Great idea thank s much sir

      1. Great idea

        Thank you!:)

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      I think I just witnessed the modern day equivalent of water being turned to wine. Absolutely beautiful.

      1. Great idea

        Thank you so much!:)

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    31. gamerkid 08

      What if this guy was so high profile Russian dude that use to be a member of the KGB

    32. Rasika Mauri

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    33. Roger

      You are a very skilled craftsmen! Your use of acids and chemicals is fascinating.

      1. Great idea

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      Excellent job 👏 hat's off .

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      Beautifull! Great work!

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        Thank you so much!:)

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    41. GodsBadAssBlade

      3:06 that's his normal speed

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      This man shows that nothing is impossible

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    45. BigFiveJack

      Congratulations! Everything that we see in this video is an exhibition of some sort of ART. The film making skill that you have is at the level of ART. You cleaned and prepared the parts ARTISTICALLY. Of course your mechanic skills and painting are too! Thank you for presenting this video for us to enjoy and learn from! (Funny thing - at 4:29 IN ENGLISH - on the tire we see, "MADE IN USSR" and that really surprised me.)

      1. Great idea

        Thank you so much!:)

    46. Gölgenin Arkasında

      It's a perfect job. But i want to know the music in this video. Please...

      1. Gölgenin Arkasında

        @Great idea Thank you so much :)

      2. Great idea

        Thank you!:) Music from the free BRcall library: "Russian_Dance"

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      Coisa linda, bonito de se ver!

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      An absolute artist.

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    50. vinay kumar

      Astonishing... Only few are addicted to there work.... I felt like what you have done is like magic ✨✨... But finally the bike looks like perfect showroom bike.... Thank you very much for the video... Good job 👌

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        Thank you so much!:)

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      Excellent job Russian

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    54. Larry

      Love this

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      Super! Ein echte Meister !!! Respekt! Habe auch so ein Motorrad gehabt Bau Jahr 1968 und der nehstebau Jahr 1984 mit einem Auspuff Rohr beide noch damals in Kasachstan.

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    56. Manuel Brico

      Well done, to nice to drive it

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      Wow you did a amazing job liked the way you used the chemicals to treat the meatal parts good to see people with your talent keep old machines running keep up the good work and keep the videos coming

      1. Great idea

        Thank you so much!:)

    59. 28 Malik Aditya

      Nice work, absolutely beautiful restoration, love from Indonesia 🇮🇩

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        Thank you! Greatings from Siberia!:)

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      1. Great idea

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    63. Arjun Anand

      UNFRTUNATELY pubg lovers hate this bike😅😅

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      Мое уважение, снимаю шляпу.

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    65. Al Deep

      Шикарная работа!

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      04:29 made in USSR

    68. むらむら

      日本語のコメント全然無いから不安なんだがタイトル日本語だよな? こーゆう人がいるから貴重なものが現存出来るんだよな。すごいよほんと

    69. Ash kenazim

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      This excellent video also qualifies as unintentional ASMR.

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        The trial of the two objects is in full swing, I can not yet say when completed yet, sorry ... Thank you for your support! :)

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        Thank you! Greatings from Siberia!:)

    88. Terrain

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    89. rrr70

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    90. Shawn's House

      Simply a work of art. If I may ask, how long did the project take and the cost?

      1. Great idea

        Thank you so much! :) It took about a year to restore, shoot, install, search for spare parts and so on.

    91. PR Restore

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