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ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence

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  1. Neha Mondal

    Alternative title:The YEET things Update- Official Trailer

  2. Buntwo Garde

    the greatest way to start a channel ive seen

  3. Mimas

    the highlight of an update that adds ney ores and changes world generation IS A GOAT

  4. Artizzy 2k2k

    I will now develop a fear of goats

  5. Lucoa

    Can’t wait!!!!

  6. br4yan_303

    Y aqui estamos otra vez ...


    Please add sculk sencer in pocked edition and add warden too please 🙏😭

  8. C.J.Dingus

    All for the cross platform but could they have made it, like, not based on pocket edition?

  9. Johnzilla

    This isnt just a trailer of the game, its the trailer of my life

  10. Caterina Lauricella

    My gosh the goats 😂🐐

  11. William Ramirez

    Now lets watch speedrunners encounter a goat on cliffs


    Goat simulator

  13. Cartoon Cat

    I love your game mojang really your game is really fun pls after 1 month update part II (2)

  14. Roddur Khan

    I feel old

  15. Setyo Aryo 34


  16. iyanrainz animation

    Goat is a new boss :v

  17. 11Maxi_Plays

    Waths is the Next update?

  18. уронить

    Yooooo they dropping a new update?

  19. Pumpkin Blazer604

    Update the ps4 version of Minecraft please please please please please please please please please please please please please please p

  20. Off Grid Kid UK

    When is part 2 coming out

  21. Hoàng Minh

    Vietnam vo dich

  22. jeje ram

    Where is warden :(

  23. Fernanda Nascimento


  24. Victor Jared Ramirez Reyes

    Soy el único español viendo esto en el 2021 con esto inicie que recuerdo

  25. white_man

    dogshit where are the actual cliffs and caves 😐

  26. The True Power Of A Gamer

    One day we might get a cave update.... Oh wait, that already- Actually no it didn’t... *WE STILL HAVE NO CAVE UPDATE!*

  27. Parallel Boi676

    I just realized that there might be a part ll snapshot

  28. Rakib Radif

    Minecraft pocket edition Bangladesh 1.17 no update 8 June

  29. Fernando Riato

    Minecraft update parte 2 trailer

  30. PH.HUNT_REBEL cod fan

    It should be named as the goat update lol.

  31. Aditya naza mukminin

    Bos baru : kambing New boss: goat

  32. King Ktulu Mobile

    Hello I am from the future

  33. ShadowFlames

    HURRY! Comment on this video before they delete it for absolutely no reason!!

  34. VicoVoid 80's

    guys.. it's either chihuahuas or pugs.. take it from a professional, LOOK AT MY PFP.

  35. Sebastian Szlezer

    Wow....... goat...

  36. Roshan

    Everyone gangsta till ender man goes ultra instinct xd

  37. Elvis Gamer


  38. Saintmickey409


  39. PhoenixZ

    I love you

  40. canekat 20

    0:36 Warden in traident (no se si se escribe asi) :hai te voy san pedroooo!!!

  41. Trip Away

    *Peace was never a option*

  42. Darpike 753

    Como lo instalo

  43. Razz // Project SHP

    Where's ThatGuyBarney when you need him!

  44. Geodudeyudodis

    Alternate title: cute animals, plot twist just kidding

  45. nikaovich mazanashvili

    pls gamemode herobrine

  46. canekat 20

    XD jajjajajajaj no puedo con la cabra Por suerte aun no me enpujan las cabras de mi casa QwQ

  47. Nicolas Sosa

    Axolotl: prepare for trouble Goat: and make it double

  48. MrKing_MC

    This was my 5th birthday present. BRUH!

  49. JoaquinGamer0708

    0:57 creator tools?

  50. Rakib Radif

    Minecraft pocket edition Bangladesh 1.17 ladies date

  51. ꧁R A B B I 선생님꧂

    Agnes is so beautiful

  52. Caterina Lauricella

    BRcall recommended me this after 9 year-

  53. Why

    I think this is just a Minecraft goat update trailer

  54. Madelin Rojas

    Los amo😎

  55. T_TURTLE10

    The moment you realize this is not the element animation channel

  56. A street lamp production

    Wow I can’t wait this update will be so fun when It come out I can’t wait

  57. Raw Tag7

    Yoooo, Can't wait to see my world is going to die cuz the goats ramming me lol


    I seriously didn't even know minecraft had a youtube channel till I got this in my recommended

  59. Krysmun


  60. Dougie G

    My predictions are that there will be a adventure update 2.0

  61. ᴋᴇɴᴢɪᴇ

    Rip Iceologer.. Why just why must it be glow squid well I mean ok I'm fine with it but I liked Iceologer more

  62. saravanan

    Minecraft please next update give new animal and torch light and village

  63. Jammers

    This will change minecraft forever.

  64. noorahmed saad


  65. Bizza Bean

    Looks cool, can’t wait.

  66. Kr813 111

    The year is 2021 the 1.17 is come 1.8 is old

  67. jonas monteiro

    Mojang please put minecraft for free once

  68. Kiber Artist

    Why are there no candles in the Minecraft Pocet Edetion on Android?

  69. soyfacu 223

    Jaja the villager

    1. soyfacu 223

      And the wandering trader

  70. Luke Stineman (Student)

    The dislikes were the people crying from the sheep segment

  71. The True Power Of A Gamer

    *Wake up honey, it’s 2012*

  72. Роман Высоцкий

    Ou ye 2021


    jajaajjajaja que onda con la cabra pero la actualizacion esta rechida es mas ya voy a grabar un video probando la 1.17 jejejej

  74. Splendidpizzatommy Games

    When you didn’t need food

  75. Matthewnader yt

    Minecraft xbox360 my childhood

  76. Gameplay Channel

    The creator tools is released in 1.18?

  77. Parker Roberts

    This was the start

  78. Mylki_

    Everyone: chillin Goat: *your free trial has expired*

  79. Hi-Tech Elettrônica

    melhr atualizasao do mundo

  80. DENIS9990

    Hey! How can you update the world map for Lush Caves?