I'll be using this channel to combine all of the shorter NileRed videos that I've made on other platforms (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc), but I'll also make new and exclusive short videos that won't be found anywhere else!

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  1. Liam Duff

    Warm snow must feel weird

  2. Penguinacid

    This is what my cousin and i use to start our fires when we camp.

  3. Łay Ż Jøhn

    *Blast* has been busy looking for that cube so much that he ignores the happenings in the world

  4. Kurtis Roman

    Criminals watching this video be like : *INTERESTING*

  5. Anime 808

    What if i snort the filler in the pills

  6. Titus 916

    Bro what kind of camera is this, clearest, crispist short I've ever seen

  7. Precious Plastic Philippines

    @Integza would love this tomato

  8. Interroga Omnia

    Burn the wizard!!!

  9. Noel Parajas

    Wtf is with the bottle kick

  10. Alyaa Shofura

    This dude is the same dude who separate strawberry DNA and ate it. But he doesn't have spray bottle😂

  11. sigton23

    vertical video are simps...

  12. CsGalaxyID

    Nokia : "Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!"

  13. Tyson Ellis

    Me watching him crush mints: "oh cool" My brain be like: *NOW SNIFF IT!*

  14. Gamehedgehog


  15. parker 700 700

    I love how he says touch it if he doesn't have a cut he has a cut on the top of his hand

  16. ph

    forbiden soy sauce

  17. Atlas Seven

    McDonald’s Sprite

  18. L2Comedian

    After making the powder snort it

  19. Google trop curieux

    Oh So that’s probably what I dropped at my cousin’s feet when we were children

  20. S Kurkio

    Add a pig knuckle to it

  21. erfan salehi

    Almost as dense as a shonen protagonist

  22. HA HA

    Cursed popsicle

  23. Vendor Doge

    I need some things made

  24. October Floof

    What would happen if you drank it

  25. Skye Lee Yuna

    This is mecury metal Well that looks like gallium

  26. Dflowen

    Where can I buy one of each? Make a good paper weight.

  27. Demar Davis

    When i watch his vids i reminds me of Dr.Stone by the ways if u dont know what it is its a anime . I hope i can get 1K likes.

  28. Flying Pussy

    Next video:This is Nokia,this is the most heaviest thing ever exist and you should buy a case incase you drop in in floor

  29. Damien Steward

    Should use that block to make an iron golem

  30. kinfmin

    A laptop/phone cover with this paint would look sick!

  31. Kota Sekiya

    Cocain 😂

  32. Unknown Error1023ReeRee

    Dang my guy you didn't have to do the tomato like that insulting it than making "tomato juice"

  33. A50ftfall

    Why is this making me think about snorting aspirin powder

  34. BasicalGaming

    galliums is similar so i guess u can play with it cuz its safer

  35. don don

    Wtf did i just watch

  36. Sam Quale

    Snort snort snort snort!

  37. dharaneesh NR

    Do something with titanium please

  38. Nikea

    meth lab jr

  39. Ruzawa


  40. Maker Of things


  41. Joshua Martenson

    Title is a bit misleading, this is quite a common organic compound lab for esters though.

  42. YosiahW

    If Isaac Newton had been in the lab instead of under an apple tree the present day would be very different.

  43. MoTF

    Isn't vanta black the most dark black???

  44. Henric Andersson

    Try katchin! I heard it’s pretty dense

  45. Flitz Gaming


  46. Belldofers Matlack


  47. Storm Breaker

    Interesting... I'm sure this'll come in handy one day

  48. 707 paws

    Is this legit edible?

  49. Kasady Noel

    Forbidden fireworks..

  50. ariastella

    i drank mercury once when i was a kid. when i was brought to the hospital, the doctor just told my parents that there's nothing to worry about and i'll just poop the mercury out. idk if i did but i really am just thankful that i'm still alive. idk if people still use them but yeah, don't leave mercury thermometers around kids.

  51. Eighty Hertz

    I stopped watching the tutorial when he turned it into a powder

  52. AKAJSJS MKsjsjs

    Mint flavored crack 😋😋

  53. Eggs Bruhnadict

    I stared at it during science class and my eyes started watering

  54. justastripe

    You should upload a cut of this that ends immediately after the aspirin drops in the first second

  55. Tiget

    Chemistry Teacher: *Don’t play with fire!* Everyone in my class: 0:50


    How to drugs 101

  57. C0DE Delta

    Oh shit is that fnf corruption mod?

  58. NoisyFalcon

    wasnt napalm made with this stuff?

  59. Markies Brady

    You remind of Walter from breaking bad, do you know how to make the pure blue meth? If so let's talk

  60. Yeety Boi

    The definition of playing with fire

  61. Saad Nabil


  62. Mngdxuifjfhjdkdd

    That looks like the aftermath of liquid diarrhea

  63. Ray David

    Now try Osmium.

  64. Carlos Castillo


  65. Ra.e.

    Now you are stuck in a bad Bromance.⚗️

  66. Maylany taylor

    Didn't your parents tell you to not play with fire?

  67. The chill Megladon

    Mortal combat the movie

  68. Origami Master Nguyen


  69. Zahdey Loteek

    BRO WHAT HE DO TO THE PERC 30!!!??????!?!?)?

  70. Carina Swan

    Can I eat water down air

  71. Tiget

    “But it would be a horrible idea to lick it, because it’s way too cold, so instead, I decided to light it on fire.” LOL

  72. zill pickle

    Next project idea there for you. Making your own concrete floor patcher lol

  73. Jonathan Hanna

    NR is totally not producing baking powder in his basement at this point. And "Methanol" ? You're not deceiving anyone with that!

  74. Nicky puppy dog • 54 years ago

    I thought there was a pill in the water at first

  75. Six

    42 pounds in an open palm? 😳

  76. Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago

    He used meth in this?

  77. Knuckles 54

    Next teach us how to mske crystal meth

  78. Corey Johnson

    Perfect loop

  79. CRAZy JOkEr

    This guy sounds like joker from dark night who agree with me