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  1. Jimena martí de diego

    Me wishing that one day he comes to Switzerland😂

  2. RanB000

    the SHEEP client is as most of u jknow Wurst (im the best at cheating)

  3. Etienne Eu


  4. Cute Wool

    7:43 funny moment

  5. Avi Sophia dolot

    Tubbo and tommy are like brothers

  6. Jason Top

    Tubbo do be looking like tommy tho

  7. CoolFoxyRoxy 20 20

    Tubbo we have the same birthday both 23rd December :)

  8. yeetplayz

    wurst client

  9. Rose Alison

    This was the very first videos I've watched of you and Ranboo. I watched it when it first came out. It's been 3 months since I've started watching you guys. I have no regrets.


    for no particular reason...... hahaha

  11. The Realz

    tubbo i will sub if u get punched by tommy

  12. Carl Tan


  13. handyinnit

    this is epic

    1. wilbur foot

      yuh yuh

  14. You're_average_rat


    1. wilbur foot

      killing orphans 🤗

  15. Liam Polakovic


  16. Creamy Bons

    Pov:tubbo od's and dies in phasmophoria

  17. Maddox Meuter

    Tubbo should have so many more subs

  18. reer a

    the gogy is so powerful

  19. godmyhaxe8

    Wilbur soot title: Tubbo is a crackhead at dodgeball

  20. LunaFurReal

    Me: **sees title** Also me: that’s nice. Lol I can’t watch this rn but I will be watching tomorrow :D

  21. Emelie O'Dwyer

    Jesus loves you 🥰 Romans 10:9-10 to be saved 🙏

  22. Patroclus the great

    I subscribed just so you will hit tubbo. If u dont ill unsub!!

  23. LT1JAY_ lil sister

    Tubbo said "dreamnot-wastaken" He almost said "dreamnotfound" is he a simp for dreamnotfound...

  24. James_ The_Memer

    *give him the gogy goggles*

  25. Levi Stevens

    day 543 of trying to make tubbo respond did mical (sorry that I speled it wrong) despawn in the new update, if so are going to replace him or stay in the old verson?

  26. Johann Eduardo

    When I see the cex shop I'm dying laughing 😂😂😂

  27. シlia

    I love how ranboo said:Oh-O- bad news...oh- Good news...... Enderman

  28. spooky!

    "are you ready to defuse some love bombs?" tubbo and ranboo singlehandedly ending the emotionally abusive practice of lovebombing

  29. gmm freak

    ThAnK yOu fOr oNe MiLlOn sUbScRibErs Try 2

  30. İmage.mp4

    7:24 Tommy: b-

  31. İmage.mp4

    Lets go shoppin boys

    1. Sally Lux

      In Germany is all close...

  32. night red Chiang


  33. Jakub Daroszewski

    5:54 angry r/mk intensifies

  34. Coco Bear

    Where is this? Well what town or city?

  35. Grace Anne

    AWW the description says "50 likes?"

  36. Mobile Friday Night Funking Roblox

    Almost 2 mil subs AND STILL NOT VERIFIED LOL

  37. Disneyforever

    Who’s the other guy?

    1. Disneyforever

      @Ollie J oh ty

    2. Ollie J


    3. KirliosX

      Joe biden

  38. Flame Salamander

    00:20 me seeing that he almot hit 2 mil...

  39. xx r a t b o n e s xx

    Pov 3 mincraft streamers walk around the Victoria centre in nottingham

  40. sissirblx _


  41. cristina Rona


  42. FIRE

    What's the age of Tommy because he's toll as hell

    1. FIRE

      @Ollie J damn

    2. Ollie J

      17 now

  43. JulianGotTaken

    actually demons irl are also very mad and scared if u say there name

  44. Gaming Warriors

    Thank you for the amazing video as always you are the best BRcallr ever I have subbed and liked every video

  45. Kassy 0-0

    I subed now Tommy hit him🧍‍♀️

  46. Wolty

    Baylie my beloved

  47. Stefan

    Man needs a new jacket

  48. marc anjelo almilla marc anjelo almilla

    i took tommy shopping... i took tommy TO GO shopping... 👌👌

  49. Gab Here!

    Jack Mommyfold

  50. Anderson Torres

    Tommy look so tall

  51. xX GwansTheSkeleGamer Xx

  52. Lily Merritt Valentine

    *An ad turns on* Like an email to speak to the manager, you can step into your role with confident- Me: *Waiting for it to say Karen*

  53. Ricardo Espino


  54. girdhar gopal

    Not even verified? L

  55. Serena Tee

    me: sees title also me: Tubbo, thats not a good idea

  56. Charles G.N

    Jack probably use the wig as a disguise, hopefully not made fun of if they recognize him.

  57. max quinn lesmana

    Jackmanifold looks like charlie from charlie and the chocolate factory but he dyed his hair purple

  58. pogger girl

    imagine go with them to the shopping XDDS

  59. euniceee asis java

    Tubbo I know what happened from Tommy becuase you exiled him then he became a ghost and he didn't forgive you becuase you betrayed him! Then I will never subscribe you and dream so I will never do it!!

  60. foxythedumby

    Tubbo smp

  61. Hl1ve

    Pls- Tommy is so respectful though. Jack and Tubbo were doing that haul from the first shop and something got knocked over and you could see Tommy in the background picking it up👍

  62. Angeline11 Kittyqueen2010

    I thought you were taller tubbo YOUR A SMALL BEAN

    1. KirliosX

      you're 11 which means he is still like dpubble your size

  63. Madasto

    tubbo doesn't check his comments lol

  64. Madasto


  65. chilledsadly.

    game game game game game Buy me an Xbox no i wont no i wont FITMC guys if you dont subscribe his head will be gone no no no no no no no no no no no HAUGH i want gogy i dont want a wig im not happy tommynotinnit pov well done again are you dead? you need a new look i have watched this pronally 10 times lol

  66. Moi_ Bee

    Am I the only one who notices his many background changes? 😂 Love your humor Tubbo!

  67. mushroom pog


  68. Samantha Diana

    Tubbo screaming TOMMY NOOOO broke me a bit

  69. Mars :

    Tubbo is such an adorable lad

  70. Peyton Shoe

    Da beebee car

  71. •Roaringシ Pheonix11•

    Just saying. You should sing more. Your singing is really good, Tubbo.

  72. Yahel Saban

    Tubbo should get a propeller hat 🧢

  73. Gretchen Arnold

    This seems like so long ago but just a year ago he was here

  74. Tubbo’s bee


  75. evelny was here

    Oh God the blue and green I not the only one I'm it

  76. NevaehAndXFriends


  77. Alex Marroquin

    Ur new name is chubbo

  78. Sariña Seoane

    Love the chaotic energy, honestly

  79. ;*; Nightmare ;*; Gacha ;*;