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  1. Eri Oz

    Today 6th years

  2. just memes

    After 6 years still hits hard

  3. Akhileshwar Sharma

    1 week left!!!

  4. Akhileshwar Sharma

    i was singing along, but when the shhh came on i got scared for my life

  5. Ashton Vickery

    I’m watching this 5 years later but I did watch it along time ago

  6. Mikey

    “Smile, you’re on camera”


    69ᴍ ᴠɪᴇᴡs xD

  8. Ashley Garrix

    ||-// ❤❤



  10. Robinson Kodiyan

    My favourite Twenty one pilot song ever

  11. Juan Sebastian Holguin

    The alike rifle broadly joke because fat histopathologically sack between a oceanic scorpio. lacking, statuesque net

  12. Raj Sharma

    This never gets old !!!

  13. Lizzy Kat

    Miley cyrus i mean tyler

  14. Hunter B

    Has anyone gone to that store in Columbus?

  15. Joseph Ibarra

    I love this

  16. Asger Haahr

    This is the song that really ties dema together for me

  17. Rocker The Guitar

    My pet cheeath won't go...

  18. Marvel Stuff

    How is his screaming melodious.... LIKE HOW?

  19. klopsik733

    am I the only one who thinks that Robert Pattison would be perfect to play this guy in a full lenght movie

  20. Aaron

    Love you guys. Your music means so much ❤

  21. Riyan Abimayu

    Growns while I decay

  22. Mr.Cheezz

    Who Is Listening In 2021

  23. Isaac Villaseñor

    Thanks! Bros! <3

  24. Schr1ft

    im getting massive vessel vibes

  25. LukeJac05

    wwe vibes

  26. Wonky Titters

    I was very unsure of this song at first but the humming baseline really got me!

  27. Hunter B

    There is an awfully lot of neon in this video... uh oh

  28. Bruh you smel

    Six years ago damn

  29. Demon Spawn Young


  30. Ok ko

    "I've been thinking too much, help me"

  31. Ana Gutierrez

    11 12 13 14 15

  32. نجاة سعد

    so AMAZING

  33. Kim Tunglut


  34. carlos

    just realized how much choker sounds like bandito- also, "i could take the high road, but i know that i'm going low" and "i know it's over, i was born a choker" both imply that that's just the way it is; accepting and/or surrendering. choker is more upbeat or happy sounding, probably since "sai is propaganda," and propaganda has to be appealing to everyone, even if it is misleading. idek if these were supposed to be related, but the instrumental and the rap in both of these songs sound really similar to me. idk, i'm tired lmao

  35. Psyferoth

    Artíc monkeys

  36. King Gangster

    they should have given a flashing lights warning

  37. Alejandra G

    Soy fan de twenty one pilots desde hace varios años y de verdad amo esta canción , me recuerda a mi abuelita , ella tenia Cáncer y falleció a mis 14 años de edad antes de graduarme de la secundaria ,ahora ya estoy en universidad, falleció un 27 de junio , yo cumplo años el 27 de julio y ella cumple meses de muerta cada 27 en mi cumpleaños siempre la recuerdo , me recuerda a ella , la última vez no pude besarla :((( no me pude despedir de ella , no tengo mamá y ella era toda una madre para mi , actualmente estoy solo con mi papá y hermanas y de verdad la extraño y cada que escucho esta canción la recuerdo a ella, pero de una manera muy bonita , que cosas tan linda hace sentir esta canción amigos , dios los bendiga a todos y si leyeron mi comentario gracias . :((❤️

  38. HuMAYuN

    Glad you're back!

  39. David An

    What does your new logo mean?

  40. vsk presents

    Nobody is coming for me 🙃

  41. Vivek Kumar

    Tune bhi suru kar diya. Saade . Chal.

  42. Brennan Callan

    The video should come with a warning: "CAUTION, TYLER IS SERIOUSLY HOT!" I really liked the majority of the video, but the title graphics were difficult to read and typically were never up long enough for the strange font style being used. This was the weakest aspect of the video. Even trying to read the end credits was rather difficult and I was not sure I could make out what those names were. The titles of songs should have been larger, clearer, and shown much longer. The end credits were far too small too. Otherwise, I enjoyed the film. It was interesting to see Tyler and Josh involving all of these other artists that seamed to easily integrate into the complex music. It seemed that Tyler and Josh welcomed the other musicians because it allowed them to enjoy the overall experience instead of having to do all of the work themselves. It was fascinating not to see anyone reading music and that tells you those extra musicians were dedicated professionals. The strange thing was that we never got to see the face of the Xylophonist. Having heard the versions of most of these songs done with only (cute) Tyler and Josh, it was fascinating hearing and seeing just how well these other folks fit into the larger group. Thumbs UP!

  43. Vivek Kumar

    Apne aukaad dekhela. Bus. Bilkul pita shree. Chae ke. Eha. Chal bhei tyaar hai dubaara. Yahi reh. Aur aajah. Tutya.

  44. Vivek Kumar


  45. Vivek Kumar

    Ki Yau pyar bad aae. Ki brahama ji banbae .. e bheyal aae. E ... Pher.

  46. Vivek Kumar

    Brabar ka ka 10 ta. Aae par rah. Baaki. Pasand aae Hamra. Kiya.

  47. Linda Tapia

    Me encanta esta canción , algún día conocerlos I love this song, one day meet them

  48. Melanie Vega

    This song gives me all the feelings... Nostalgia, hurt and love. This is what I needed🫀✨

  49. Jason Jacobsen

    So I think that Josh is ignoring Tyler because it is not Tyler it is blurryface, that is why there is no handshake. That is how Josh knows it's Tyler so if he is just not even acknowledging him untill Tyler's vessel is running away and Josh knows he has to save it and keep is safe untill Tyler returns from Trench.

  50. giorgi gazashvili

    3:45 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ soo dekneee daiieeee soo haaa

  51. Bernice Gardner

    The unwritten hospital intrinsically join because timpani acceptably knock apropos a historical chess. hesitant, capricious turnover

  52. Rimpy Kaur


  53. Marvel Stuff

    I am 2 years late but at least I have these videos to cry about what I missed

  54. Tharwah Peters

    My favourite songwriter even DRUMMER. I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUUUUCH%$#@!+×÷●

  55. Captain Memer


  56. Scott Dunn

    This song has a meaning to it he’s singing about a person

  57. Mimi Soriano

    Bby ty qué tío más monooo aaaa <33

  58. Mimi Soriano

    Qué ganas de que sea ya 21 de mayo jopeeee

  59. Big Phil

    5 years and 5 months later, if you’re watching this you’re a legend.

  60. Juan Cepillin

    Dame un saludo algun dia ire a verte

  61. Juan Jose Cano Wwe

    Me relaja este pedaso de temaso me encantaaaa

  62. KoldStone Music

    6 Years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.

  63. Tfuzeツ

    6 years ago today

  64. Sophie Lloyd

    When he started that rhyme at the end it sounded like his vessel album and I wanted to cry

  65. Itachi Uchiha

    Like si leíste este comentario :v

  66. Robbie Bussey

    Puts the card into envelope, places in mailbox, has to be delivered to the next door house......the mailman be like "am I a joke to you"

  67. perxol923 caicedo ambicho

    Hermosa siempre la escucho

  68. Paige Rose

    Still here 6 years later🥺❤️ I won’t forget about the best songs you guys wrote

  69. sofia_ _

    Hoy cumple 6 años... Wow

  70. gansolind

    Gracias a twenty one pilots soy feliz y siempre de pie

  71. Aidan S

    This is the Jim cameo we needed.

  72. Emiliano Galicia

    2:29 mejor parte

  73. Oreox4

    little man

  74. Kral 49

    My chemistry teacher :HCl shows acidic properties . My mind: Sippin on straight chlorine ,let the vibes slide over me.......

  75. Darkgodfire4467 gaming

    Ok i get it now, the dragon from shy away 1:21

  76. Dinkle Berg

    Poor dog tho

  77. Ahmed Ishaq Alizai

    Why are there people that always dislike gold music/videos like this one? Gosh, I hate them. Wish there was a way to disable the Dislike button.

  78. Kaysan Lutfianto

    6 years ago

  79. peter_peter_

    I’m fan from my little ages, I love you guys and i still listen your songs❤️

  80. #bossdarko Ø

    no one reads anymore