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  2. Tom

    1:53 Max Verstappen takes victory in Titaly 🙃

  3. 252Scooby

    I’m glad that mr Hamilton didn’t retire like Roseberg did because he knew he was never going to beat Hamilton again , in the same way I can’t see mr verstappen losing the title anymore

  4. LostChances

    I love how the closest fight we have in this whole era came in the last year before regulation changes.

  5. muhammad isrof pratama

    verstapen terbaik masa depan

  6. Abdul Ahad

    funnily enough they havent this season at all i think despite the duels

  7. --

    Hamilton when he can't taxi the fuel/tyre schedule into a victory from pole, and he can't overtake win races by simply opening his drs: YEP, red bull better car. Do something about the flex wings. Nah their tyres probably popped due to illegal tyre pressures. Real champion..

  8. Riso Tanto

    verstappen is the best

  9. Kucing Kejeblos

    Let's hope this battle made it to abu dhabi

  10. Stella Duson

    But like, the first race seems like a year ago while the second race feels like it was yesterday!

  11. Christian Kämmer

    this is the worst summary ive seen so far.

  12. Cricbeast_Chirag18

    0:05 rowan atkinson in india 😭❤️‍🔥😂

  13. Brian Mada

    Jesus Christ that Redbull is fast

  14. William Navarro


  15. Aditi RK

    I pray everyday this doesn't end up like vettel from 2017 and 18.

  16. Sergio Marron

    About time F1 is exciting. I was bored with Mercedes 1, 2...

  17. raymond matila

    Loving this season of f1

  18. Herr Knecht

    Best season ever - it's really exciting to have two actual competitor for the World Champion Title!

  19. gt5freak

    This season will go down in history as one of the greatest ever!

  20. Remco H

    If this chamionship really comes down to the last couple races, that means RBR and Mercedes will have to focus on this year and cannot focus too much on 2022 and onwards. Teams like Aston Martin and Ferrari will most likely shift their attention to next year fairly early which could mean that they might be strong from next year onwards

  21. Hilbert Black

    I enjoy this championship battle, but it's a shame Seb didn't get another chance

  22. another Bigfoot with internet access

    Rest of the field: I'm not afraid of you Checo: then you shall die braver than most

  23. lucia b

    Cette saison va etre excitante ! Rien de mieux qu un bon rival pour se motiver !! 👍👍👍

  24. Ignacio_The_Gamer14 Rivera

    What about monaco???

  25. Ákos Tárnok

    Where was Monaco and Baku?

  26. DKING

    Lewis Hamilton = Lighting mcqueen vs Max Verstappen = Jackson Storm cars 3

  27. invalid-user [SSSW]0TYX

    finally F1 is exciting, but at what cost?

  28. Suyog Tadke

    Netflix is copy pasting this clip for next season

  29. Nicholas David Hutabarat

    Who needs DTS when you can have this for free

  30. Visible Confusion

    For the first time since 2016... Hamilton has an actual championship fighter. ( n o v e t t e l d o e s n t c o u n t )

  31. Kaynm

    Max will max Hamilton for this championship

  32. Dr Schnitzel Song

    power of tacos

  33. Dan Castell

    I don’t think people really understand how lucky we are to see the 2 title contenders go wheel to wheel every single race this does not happen very often in F1’s history

  34. Patrickthemango

    I cant stress this enough. Lewis will win.

  35. K I M I M O R G A M

    The best season?

  36. xXTetsu KuroXx

    The Alonso vs Schumacher of today's generation

  37. another Bigfoot with internet access

    Hamilton knows he's losing this championship.

  38. maxx 0906

    The maFIA stole Max the first win in Bahrain and he had a unlucky puncture in Baku but he's still leading the Championship, max and lewis are the best F1 driver we will ever see

  39. LovetteZ

    Who else is on team Max?

  40. Master Jim

    "He's overtaken me off the track" while Lewis is blocking like a champ. He whines more than Seb in his best days.

  41. stophammertimestable

    Long may it continue.....

  42. Sheshit Karthikeya

    Loving this battle. But don't want to see any wreckage!!

  43. Mat QT

    Ricardo Rosset ploughing into a 12 car crash making it into a 13 car crash.

  44. Rodro Zil

    Mercedes vs Honda

  45. andy Vettel

    No mention of monaco or Baku,lol

  46. Wendell Travassos

    Vestapem merece o título e ir para a Mercedes!!!

  47. Iva Mcle

    Where is Monaco & Baku 😭😭😭

  48. Jervis1916

    That decision in Bahrain was a disgrace

    1. Jervis1916

      @svennie pennie 🎣

    2. svennie pennie

      No, it wasn't. Overtaking off track has never been allowed. The only thing that can be argued is that they should've cracked down on people cutting the corner earlier. But other than that it doesn't matter.

  49. Daveske

    they're missing a couple of races...

  50. Fartbox Muncher

    I don't know why Verstappen had to give his position, the move was already done before he was pushed wide.

  51. antonio banderas

    Max Iz just amazing 🔥the best driver I ever see

  52. Abhishek Raj

    Better Driver: Max Better Car: Lewis Better Season: 2021

  53. Las grab

    Verstappen's got this season mark my words, come back to this comment when he does so.

  54. Aditya Raka

    basically mclaren are too slow to be in f1 but too fast to be in f1.5

  55. Pietro Cappelletti


  56. HyperAva

    After France. I genuinely have faith now that Verstappen can actually win this.

  57. EnderTNT 124

    1.22: the flag is wrong: you put the Toscany flag, not the Emilia-Romagna flag

  58. BlackSky 37

    Imagine if Max had won at Bahrain, and Hamilton had not the lucky break to get back to race and grab P2 at Imola... what the gap point would be right now!

  59. J. MUNIYA

    Redbull strong from frist race now max time to complete the race with championship...

  60. bbttnetworkz

    Please make a video of Sainz vs "This guy". All jokes aside, what an absolutely fantastic season this is. An absolute joy to tune in week after week.

  61. henri

    I'm from the future. Max won.