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  1. Z̶3̶N̶_̶G̶ ツ

    Me while watching this: WAKANDA FOREVA

  2. CuriousAccountant

    What’s next? An underwater base? Hahaha

  3. Athoyki1

    Make big flim please :(

  4. Ardhi Yourbae


  5. Nima Parvizi

    کلش بهترینههه

  6. Christian Vodder Carstensen

    thats more of a blunderbuss than a musket

  7. Ace Kamifu

    More more more please

  8. kevin white

    This is awesome! When is it being added?

  9. Jeffrey Fernandez

    Cant wait for them to add this in

  10. Celo Novrita

    I miss clash of drama that so cool

  11. Matu


  12. Gamer Namer

    When the dragons blow the fire I got a notification that my village was raided

  13. Abdullah

    Who else got this video in their recommended out of nowhere m

  14. Munir

    Two of them are made in China? I really hope it won't be like the typical China games

  15. MC Apple

    0:16 find the hidden barbarian let me know in comments if u find him

  16. حاتم الربيع حماد

    أفضل لعبة

  17. echogamer rblx

    When they wanted cheese

  18. MrBean

    Don't play clash of clans it is a never ending game

  19. Legoman11

    I didn't know bombs were sentient

  20. Bum Bagz

    Yo this is actually sad, almost making a man cry out here

  21. DMA_Esports

    👇🏼The Official Button for a new Clash of Clans Series.👇🏼

  22. Me and My Channel

    The good old days❤️

  23. Marilyn Paran

    coc is my fav game

  24. Clashroyale League

    We need More animations

  25. Abhijeet Sihasane

    So finally I concluded Pekka is a robo girl😂

  26. unbreakable yam

    I think clash quest is my least favorite and the other ones are very interesting

  27. Albert Sebastian

    My name is also Albert.

  28. Oui vuht

    Archer is so bad😩😩😩

  29. SkyGMVain


  30. King Kong Vegas

    Great and nice

  31. ravi deshpande

    Wow recomended after 8 years

  32. Illum1ne

    Aeh! Aeh! Aeh! Aeh!

  33. Dymas Fahmas Barody

    Is recomended for townhall 3

  34. Ibrahim Alkebsi

    Wall breakers:we must avenge ourselves the mighty yak just comes and steal all our glory we must get revenge Yak: oh no

  35. FD3Z -

    Only the old's play coc in 2021

  36. Derpy Guy

    Why does it sound like spongebob 0:11

  37. Marcos Estrada

    maaan, se me olvidó que las torres de mago tenian un efecto divino, despues la cagaron con las bolitas de fuego, se veia mejor ese tipo de rayo

  38. Moon Cheese

    Govaho with p.e.k.k.A’s that would be good it would be called govapeho

  39. Jan Carlo Custodio

    1:49 ice wizard still struggles after frezing the pond

  40. PoSeidon

    I think the clash heroes will be the last game will be released since it sthe last game int hus vidoe that were introduce

  41. kamlesh patel

    Healer a baddie

  42. BlancSpaze

    So no one gonna talk about how the archer at the last shots 2 arrows and kills 5 barbs.

  43. Sunil Bharti

    Lady b camera quality better than others

  44. Rex Ivan Posadas

    COC vs PIXAR

  45. Ashura Gaming 21

    Whooaaa i know now

  46. Funny Man

    Charge of the winged hussars (1683 colorized)

  47. AldiFarri

    U know whar's next? Terra Inferno Town Hall. Fire golem. Super tower. Stack building/expansion. Night village league. Nuclear balon. Sun strike spell with catalysm. Builder astronaut. Space unit. Galaxy clash.

  48. Dymas Fahmas Barody

    Wow the sound like... Its great for first valkyrie

  49. meong oyen

    Come back perimitif

  50. Medic Gaming

    So many Asian players And its annoying

  51. Finlay Roberts


  52. Raze Tv

    Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive,safe,healthy and financially blessed. Amen.

  53. DKey animations

    Getting a suggestion to watch a 8 years ago video even after getting townhall 14😂

  54. NormalGuy1206

    I like how in this one, The builders look genuinely happy.

  55. Adarsh Chauhan

    Dragon family would be like: you are not supposed to be here

  56. Muhammad Akbar Assayidin Nurrahmani

    Hog Rider : any idea, Barbarian? Barbarian : *proceed to run into the ocean*

  57. The Asia Innovation Air Tech Company

    The heist plan could be a meme crossover to the Gru meme

  58. Mr J

    Dropped in on my cannel all mr. j

  59. Khushi Ansari

    Can u make series on clash of clans


    Please make super hog rider

  61. TonlyTheOnly

    idk about super troops but i need more episodes of that show its entertaining

  62. Jeremy Iwnl

    90M wtf no coc esta muerto? Jajaja lo amo pero es la realidad

  63. Angry Patrick


  64. plump for fun

    It would be cool if u pay gems for bb troops to stay in your home village for 3 days only available at th 15

  65. Gen Sakura

    Dear Chief, we're sorry we couldn't get product placement in the actual "The Martian"

  66. lx-_Surrender

    Archer queen lookin too good in this video

  67. Gabi Braun

    No way its 7 years old

  68. Seb Finnigan

    Did nobody realize grand warden is in clash minis

  69. Yoshikage kira

    Si le sabes al Pov

  70. Milky Way Luck

    Why did he get over getting scared so easily

  71. Evan

    Love how the Bluetooth is a blue tooth


    Expectations:builder huts dealing massive damage Reality:10 damage take it or leave it

  73. zie 88


  74. SaanYT

    Is ndo

  75. José Velásquez

    Jajaja yo el por ahí del buen 2017 llorando jajajaj

  76. Andrew Howard

    Poor builder 😞

  77. Drayton Drake

    This video is timeless and will always be legendary