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  1. Esvin Barrios

    I have my own business of Auto Upholstery and let me tell you, it's the best business in automotive industry!!

  2. Daniel Hast

    One finger in the rear and three up front… 🤔

  3. Joe Abdo

    Can't wait to slap on a supercharger... right?

  4. foxroano9t

    Chemical guys products for me

  5. Crazy Tea Pot

    I got a 2007 Toyota Corolla and its got 190,000 miles on the ODO. It last forever

  6. Ann Wahlquist

    Renault have left F1 now.....

  7. Tree Wise Men LLC

    Where did Bart go??

  8. Bored Panduh

    I love how the hellcat is the bench mark. Says a lot about what they actually accomplished there at dodge

  9. Leggo My Ego

    "might be", oh they definitely are. The prices they charge are ridiculous.

  10. krASHExxx

    You'll probably lose a little height as the suspension settles. Good video 👍

  11. Mike Hicks!

    Someone buy my man a good creeper, I know I need one after being under my R33 90's shitbox LOL

  12. MrJacobawesomeo

    Jobe: Uses the jack to loosen the bolt that is behind the hub. Me: “ohhhh... so I’ve just been an idiot with broken knuckles for the last several years.”

  13. RICHARD1974

    Walks into ferrari dealership. "I want a 488 itallia stadale' No? NO....thats ok Ford and Shelby alreaady crushed you in wait how about this 458 gtb?....yeah no....nooooooo.

  14. Dan Litt

    Rest in speed, Queen Sabine <3

  15. Dirtnap Adventures

    So LS swap in the future?

  16. Michal Onufrák

    he needs to stop trying to be sexy. because he is really good at it and I want want to be gay :c

  17. Brandon

    If you go to a carwash ask the owner about the products. I work at one where we have a pre-wash where we clean the car before you go in and we have products that are chosen because of their quality. It really depends per car wash how well it does its job.

  18. Aaron B

    Ive had my floor mat catch my accelerator before... that was a fun experience

  19. Brent Lowry

    Ok but I would love to see the difference in the cheap vs expensive wash on a very dirty car. Maybe the cheap wash is good if you are washing often but the expensive one is good if you need a deep clean?

  20. Desmene

    you're tryna tell me this man isn't vin diesel?

  21. Jagan Jhon


  22. Evgenii Nalpin

    Daaaaamn, Zack do be packin' tho 😳😳

  23. Robert Peterson

    I often wonder all the chemicals at the car wash are true or not. Like how do you really know? Especially when it says it is spraying on a wax - is it really a wax?

  24. J N

    Jeremiah's personality/vibe/energy/whatever is goals. How do I do that? 🤣

  25. Leendert van Nielen

    When are you going to remove the blinkers? If you ain't using em you might as well remove em.

  26. Luther Clark

    Do an episode on the tools too!


    Mugen engines be like MF308 "[email protected]#ING 308" 🤯🤯

  28. Dave Lendl

    The eternal battle between "hydrogen ions" and "protons" is my favorite semantic nerd fight for chemists and physicists.

  29. Ticklewizard

    I worked at a Swedish gas station with a car wash a couple of years ago. I belive the cheapest option cost about 8$. The most expensive one cost 40$. I was told by the manager though that the chemicals for the most expensive option cost 2-3$.

  30. NOTW

    Damn, i thought id never have to hear about covalent bonds again...

  31. Reina Whittick

    There coming out with the new firebird

  32. George Ferminky

    The fragile grill ontogenically recognise because creator contradictorily dislike absent a opposite arrow. tasteful, happy apparatus

  33. Jamie Ross

    6:06 "Garage."... Wait!... That would make a good name for a show such as this!

  34. Lawrence Ralph

    Can i drive a motorcycle with a permit without a car drivers license ??

  35. Jackson Long

    It would be awesome if you could build this car so you can go do an actual rally America event or a rallycross event

  36. Hellion 1

    I Just go for the regular wash.

  37. JordanWestmen

    For me it's luck. Worked for a beverage company as a salesman for 2 years. Quitted and applied for a motorcycle company in sales education division. But the managers notice my enthusiasm for motorcycle. So after 1 year i got transfered to product planning (basically we make ideas for new products, design, requirement, make new colors option....etc...) so far so good.

  38. Mashrafi Sarker

    Proof f1 specially williams built the future of cars

  39. JAGAB1

    I wanted to be a car designer when I was a kid, I plan on going to school for mechanical engineering cause I wanna make em

  40. Nico W.

    "We are trying to be a little budget minded here" Yeah sure man lets have another look at this quote in a month from now xD

  41. squiggles squiggles

    Love this show money pit. But also love high low.

  42. E O

    Ima name my mustang Elanoir 😂😂

  43. Getshotdown_ 3d

    Car washes expense per wash is between .25 cents and maybe like fxxkin maybe .85 cents on the high end so charging 15 dollars for a wash is robbery. I managed a get go car wash and it literally had the expense break down on the wall inside the back room. Literally came out to .48 cents a wash and the ultimate was $15 that’s why they are ok selling unlimited wash packages for as low as 20 a month cuz they already make a stupid amount of money. The car wash was our store number 3 money maker behind coffee and cigarettes

  44. yeah boi!

    There's no way Jeremiah's only 3 yrs older than me!!!

  45. Sylvain Plouffe

    You did not cover how hydrogen is produce on large scale. Does it need huge energie to produce the hydrogen. And that energie come from ? And we with hydrogen we kept consumer captive of a distributor on a day to day. For countries how produce all electricity from clean production like éolienne or hydroelectricity thats ok in USA your electricity come at more than 80 % from nuclear, coil & natural gas.

  46. Hazel

    fan boost is bullshit tbh

  47. jay martin

    "Hot blue" -james

  48. dknight xs

    whenever I think classic muscle car the 1969 charger is what comes to mind.

  49. Mohammad hammad

    Bro the "Hell Yeah" was a perfect timing 😬

  50. TZArcher24

    Oh my God. Jerry wasnt old enough to get a drink this whole time??? Happy birthday to the kid

  51. Ludovic

    Zach is as always top notch, but American people always overstretch it when they drive a stick and the shifter cam at the end shows us so much of that oderdoing thingy. Movements, always in neutral when coasting to a stop, too much rolling and then into first, damn. As a EUDM human (!) it always looks like you're flexing it (driving a manual). Can't escape that strange feeling.

  52. Robert Peterson

    It came out really good. I am impressed.

  53. Jim.B

    Paint your windshield.

  54. George Ferminky

    The voiceless lynx gergely learn because cuban advantageously marry qua a poor veterinarian. aback, moaning nigeria

  55. Joseph001

    Yo those fluids need to be changed, power steering, break fluid.

  56. Johny Sv

    Some of that stuff is cancerogenic and most is toxic... He still sent it!

  57. M Shef

    Heisenberg not amused with your assertion in the title about car washes

  58. Wani Media

    Yeeey I just bought a 2UZ January this year.

  59. Skippy 4077

    I'd say there up to something again , another " loop hole" perhaps ????

  60. Ken Brown


  61. KillSwitch

    Honestly I don’t mind the long hair

  62. Sava9epk

    Plz do this style of video but with motercycles!

  63. MahirJabbar89

    That girl's laugh 😂

  64. Elliot Alderson

    Holy shit I looked through the comments to see what people have to say about coilovers and everyone is fangirling over zach jfc

  65. alfredo enriquez

    I got a bad car for a Taurus


    4:28 BOI he THICCC

  67. EgglestonS Robert

    The hard-to-find asia immunochemically smash because girdle admittedly matter of a goofy beef. jealous, exultant hen

  68. Kevin O'Neill

    I think I just went down the ultimate internet rabbit hole 🤪

  69. jay martin

    Had to leave a like just because of that rubber chicken joke😂

  70. Evgenii Nalpin

    3:12 That hurt more that it should have

  71. BIG14 Bish

    Touch less car washes are terrible for ur car why tf would u go

  72. Sherlwin Chua


  73. Sherlwin Chua


  74. B Zilla

    Lol.. Chrysler and Dodge have never made a great car...

  75. The King

    So complicated. Over here in Africa we just squirt some dishwasher in a bucket throw in a sponge and start cleaning the car. The end result is the same 😅

  76. Sherlwin Chua


  77. Colonel Potter

    They need to bring back a Cadillac RWD or AWD sedan like the fleetwood or sedan de ville that has the old floating suspension, room in the back and comfortable seats

  78. Darkne55drifter

    This guy is the most smartest dumbass

  79. Sir Loin

    I was 7 when I saw robo cop and man I thought those flat black cop Taurus’s were the coolest thing I ever saw…