SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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  1. James C. Breckenridge

    Keep the smiles comin SpaceX! Keep them comin...😁🤝💛

  2. Jamie Heon-Lajoie

    SpaceX is straight up OG.

  3. Juan Miguel Bonilla Moreno

    That sound, man....that sound 💗💗💗💗💗

  4. 3pleTTT

    So inspiring!

  5. 5C 28 YEUNG Ming Him Marcus

    It’s raining metal

  6. Андрей Реш

    Nur einmal und nur dann? Und noch einmal und noch einmal und noch einmal? Nein? Nichts? Schade.

  7. Allan T

    Such an ambitious project and accomplishment, well done SpaceX!

  8. Temmi 21


  9. Beverly Kirks

    I’m in awe ..... sooooooo great!

  10. Matthew Cooper

    My brain keeps telling me it's CGI when you see the camera looking up at the thruster while it lands. Then the Sn15 Recap drops and you see the same glorious spectacle from afar.

  11. BosleyBeats

    Very impressive. I still don’t like the design aesthetics of this space craft tho

  12. Wahyu Eko


  13. Hendrik Lubbe

    Now that is a thing of BEAUTY!

  14. anupam biswas

    That's a dummy 🤣

  15. Gruxxan

    first orbital fight is going to be crazy, cant wait for that. incredible.

  16. Emin Yazar

    To The Mars!

  17. Simranjit Singh

    Incredible that is

  18. Derek Grimes

    That was freaking awesome

  19. Hagen

    Amazing! CONGRATS! Next time, take me with it :)

  20. Sannidor

    0:51 poor quality CGI. Try harder.

    1. Exploration of Things

      You know thousands of people saw it right and dozens recorded it. Go on then, ask me for evidence and I shall provide.

  21. Lwg

    this should be with the song wait from m83. just like the ksp2 trailer.

  22. Dreamfine

    Nothing special...i did this years ago on KSP :)

  23. WMTeWu

    WoW, that was surprisingly a lot of lateral velocity during landing.

  24. mars

    First starship lands with legs

  25. Junix Fuentecilla

    Astronauts: that’s just a small thrust I’m sure it’s safe *workers activates the thrusters* Astronauts: holy ******!!!!!!!

  26. Mooba2

    It's kinda cute with it's moving flippers

  27. Seldoon182

    So much pollution for nothing. Humans can't travel to Mars by now. Too many complication compared to ionic radiation and gamma rays. :/

    1. Exploration of Things

      This rocket uses methalox which bacically pollutes as much as a car

    2. Anon

      Rockets don't pollute much

  28. Wdestroier

    This project is awesome!

  29. Ali Karayaz

    A perfect landing, congratulations

  30. Frostdraken 5


  31. Matthew Cooper

    I cannot overstate how both incredible and satisfying this was to see after the moves Bezo's and Dynetics made within the week before the launch in regards to the Lunar contract.

  32. Kevin Stone

    Beyond incredible.

  33. Dron Ivanov

    Смотрится это конечно очень эффектно!!!

  34. Mohd Shuja

    Hail SpaceX

  35. epincion

    Excellent, however the next hurdle is doing this again and again without problems. Be interested to hear from SpaceX as to the cause of the fire after the landing.

    1. Exploration of Things

      He said it in the broadcast, it’s the methalox that they are using and John said this would be only temporary

  36. T7

    Incredible 🚀 congratulations!

  37. Playlist Effect

    OMG !!! 👏👏👏👏

  38. Field Commander

    Can u make a 2021 version😅

  39. Field Commander

    Can u make a 2021 version😅

  40. Pop Warner

    its a magic trick. the rocket rises up because of Helium in the top of the rocket and goes back down because they are releasing the Helium out of the top of the rocket.

    1. Tuuminshz

      Sure... only lifting 120tons of steel

  41. henry 61

    Woooh looks beautiful. Congratulation SPACEX!

  42. Pluto Pedia

    Thank you for the clearer version 👍🏻

  43. Nigel Mutepfa

    288 dislikes from Jeff Bezos and Blue origin employees.

    1. Exploration of Things

      And flat-brains

  44. Алексей ZP UA


  45. Smokin Warthog

    Absolutely amazing... Bravo !

  46. Firefly Speedshop

    Ive only just noticed the LEAN into the wind while landing.. - Mind Blown

  47. Peter WARD

    excellent recap well done

  48. Faithful to the forest

    See you soon...on the moon ...and after Mars...we'll visit the stars 💫

  49. Cristea Denis


  50. Bear Lemley

    Thanks for the recap SpaceX

  51. Firefly Speedshop

    The AUDACITY of Bezos to think he is even in the same dimention as this..

  52. can pa

    Thanks for the answers guys, I'm happy to know that these useless fireworks from a capricious child do not affect our health.

  53. Technoking Gaming

    The shot of it coming out the clouds (during flip) is so cool

  54. sam93931

    truly impressive every time, gotta love Space x and Elon Musk!

  55. Mk

    The most majestic monster can to ever soar the sky

  56. Orobico

    Siete la speranza dell'umanità, continuate così. Grazie SpaceX

  57. Reece Davies

    This is what makes us excited to be alive! Cannot wait for that first orbital attempt

  58. Charlie Elliot

    So incredible! Well done spacex!! A small request from me... When SN16 launches could you do it on a clear day please 🙂

  59. a random teen

    Go rocket

  60. Faulty Lifesaprentice


  61. DrAlexMore

    Absolutely epic! Those raptors are working hard on landing gimbaling! Fly it again?!

  62. doop00

    Congratulations to everyone involved.

  63. Gamer Sheheryar

    Who's here after SN 15 landed ??!

  64. Rob Peters

    That music in the background makes it even more dramatic!

  65. Rob Peters

    In ya face Besos!

  66. Pyriphlegeton

    I'm honoured to have witnessed this flight.

  67. vysakh p viswanath

    Landing in Mars won't be like this boys 😄🌍🙏

  68. cuteshadowKIA

    I expected a small Flag to pop out on Top with "Bang!" Written on it.

  69. Станіслав Сербін


  70. Mike Oxmaul

    🎵This is how we do it...🎵

  71. Mo Khera

    Awesome - thank you for putting this together! Really makes one smile to see everything coming together! Keep up the good work :)

  72. Mindy Klassime

    Starship re-emerging from the cloud layer with two raptors firing will never fail to be an amazing site to see.

  73. HoltBlackheath

    What a time to be alive.

  74. B.R. Utahn

    Kept waiting for it to blow up



  76. wolfe1970

    Watching that and seeing all the fuels boiling off, how are they going to keep enough fuel on the starship for the landing on mars without it all boiling off ?

    1. Exploration of Things

      Space is a vacuum dumb, dumb

  77. Tahoc Production

    SN15 show us the true capacity of what a full reusable rocket can do.

  78. PANGORIA - [Jack-Ward136]


  79. Julian Collyer

    Spacex, did you relight all three engines in the clouds and drop down to two engines? I cannot tell from the video.

    1. Exploration of Things

      They only ignited two

  80. Kvantum Pi

    The Roskosmos and The Russian propagandists disrespect you.