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  1. Matthew Heblich

    them hooker boots from the P-Valley Wardrobe

  2. Yomi F

    Can't wait!!!

  3. Mercedes Goddard


  4. anna

    ziwe dont tell gloria you supported bernie

  5. Bryce Pulkinen

    Lol too funny when all the Karen’s go “woooowwwww” when the one Karen says she’ll tell the managers nice things about their waiters

  6. Megan Huynh


  7. Ma Ba

    What was Fran Lebowitz about to say about Bacall Bogart films?

  8. Megan Huynh


  9. Lollipop Guild

    Alex Cooper has nice face

  10. Ahmed Khan

    Chills running down my spine man. This is crazy..

  11. Jaylene P

    Ziwe got GLORIA!!!??? Congrats on the show!

  12. tehlime

    THE SONG!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Cleo Bridges

    When Desus & Mero validated you...I was hooked!

  14. Kyle

    not the karen and proud tattoos!!!!!

  15. Cecilia Pou

    Yes!!! 💕💕💕💕

  16. Izzy Andrade


  17. Ethan Kwok

    I LOVE ZIWE! Congrats on your Showtime debut!

  18. Edgar Murillo

    I love this!

  19. Hadesx

    My grandpa sent me this lmaoo

  20. Tannenberg

    0:28 AMONG US!?! Sus? Are the conspirators sus!? Are the sus conspirators among us?!? When the conspirators are sus...

  21. Esmeralda Pena

    Daddy gang 🤘🏽❤️

  22. Scum Stuff

    PSA over 200? Even over 100 is insane. Lol. Hell even over 10 would be insane.

  23. Queen_ Kenken


  24. Hi There

    Ziwe is Weird

  25. Michael H

    why were the doors open lmao

  26. YT Commenter

    The Quadruple Bypass couldn't handle so much grease it fell off

  27. Vanessa Gilliland

    He killin’ people in Ft. Mac now? 😳🤣🤣🤣

  28. zny

    wow it's like she took the rudeness offline. truly stunning and brave 😂

  29. Mr. C

    Same helmets as Stannis' troops in Game of thrones

  30. Leonardo Oliveira

    Thank you Showtime!!

  31. Claire Elizabeth Powers

    Mau is a textbook narcissist

  32. Shawn Moultrie

    The fall. I'm impatient. I want my fix now! 😡

  33. alesul2007

    Say my name.....'re god damn right

  34. William Wolfrath

    I don't care if you loved or hated how it ended, I can't wait for this. One of my favorite shows evah

  35. Slavic Soul

    3:16 WHAT?

  36. Bob Genghis Khan

    This man truly wants to have children commit murder. Just think about that.

  37. Tony BP

    Not as excited as I would've been if the last season and the finale had been at least decent and not the horrendous rushed crap it was... this feels like a cheap move.

  38. Tom Duffy

    Dexter gazes out the window if he's waiting for someone. In the reflection we see a person on his kill table struggling. All of a sudden Dexter turns and smiles as if he is acknowledging someone just arriving. He said goodbye to his "Dark Passenger" so many years ago and we just watched him welcome the "Dark Passenger" back into his life. Great teaser!

    1. A P

      I know right! Who knows what's going to happen in season 9.

  39. KianaIguana

    what a great troll, honestly.

  40. 김수용

    성문 내구도 뭐임ㅋㅋㅋ


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  42. Snow Leopard

    Those men have some good hats.

  43. Enzo Francisco

    My guess is he staying with Lumen in Minnesota

  44. Mike Gee

    Karen for the Cause 😂😂😂

  45. You Know Crime Don't Pay

    Ho Chi Minh trail, Chopstick lmfao...

  46. Greg House

    Welcome back Dexter.

  47. Toasted bread

    Anyone think that Jill sounds like cartoon hillary?

  48. Tyler Durden

    Hopefully the reparation for the season end of 8 season

  49. R_Dcruz1

    Meanwhile in Russia: Putin: You work and you work......

  50. Matt

    This was funny, but most Cartoon President videos are rooted in the truth about each candidate. These are way off.

  51. Dingo Son

    Free Julian Assange.A true hero of the people.

  52. Monstrap


  53. W Y

    It's actually a really good show, aged well too.

  54. Hakim Ishak

    Who's the woman in bra and panties at the hotel room?

  55. Liberty or Death

    i wish i was one of those soldiers so i can loot the city

  56. Manuel Castaneda


  57. Ysabelle F.

    I didn’t realize I could fall in love w Jeremy Allen white even more

  58. Manu

    he didn't age!

  59. Lissy London

    I bet now Michael is HAPPY they didn't kill Dexter off in Quicksand...

  60. Vimal Prabhakar

    Bring Joe Goldberg on your table Dexter..

  61. Shirshak Aryal

    0:37 no mail on sundays, eh uncle vernon?

  62. Ghoshi_

    Ok at first I was like ok this is interesting but now I don't think it's serious 😂

  63. june.eighth

    That's Michael singing though...

  64. Gladys Baez


  65. Zaira Miranda

    i neeed episode 4 !!!

  66. Towely Smokes

    This new Breaking Bad spinoff looks great!

  67. Eagle Excavating

    Why the hell did they ever cancel this show. Was Awsome

  68. Darmastuti darmastuti

    I loved this mini series... benedict cumberbatch was brilliant...beside Patrick character, i loved Mary character,,she is very classy woman,,she doesn't snap when knew Patrick have an affair with Julia,,she just said "you're insult me by having an affair with Julia"..I think Mary is Patrick guardian angel,,she always there, she loved him so much,,and she always cut him loose,, until Patrick realized himself that mary is the one for him,,and Mary makes Patrick believes people can change.. And I'm agree,,we are all Patrick Melrose,,we have families issues, childhood trauma...

  69. Andi Washington

    Another satisfied customer thanks to Alex Cooper. I don’t fit the daddy gang quintessential demo, but this is pure gold.

  70. jade darmawangsa

    Thank you father cooper

  71. M Wilson

    Fabulous in every category

  72. Omiyo July

    A 'face'. This lady is crazy

  73. mike carr

    They better have Debra in it. Have her in it like they had his dad in the show. Would be epic imo

  74. Nick DeBoo

    I’m sure this is gonna be really bad just like seasons 5 to 8!

  75. beji97

    Man I hope they confirm Jennifer Carpenter for the 9th season.