1. Michael Nottoli

    When I try to get the thing need to get into a server it is a sucr

  2. fatu lui

    i cried and died due to cuteness :<

  3. all-out youtubers

    Just parking my strider what dont you do that 2

  4. ali Christianto

    You say sise of a dinosaur

  5. ThisNameIsTakenSukas

    Ayyy Hermitcraft

  6. ThisBroSquad YT

    7:15 “mining wood and chopping stone” HUH???

  7. Mariany Mendes

    The Wither chasing the Ender Dragon looks like a scene from Tom and Jerry😂😂😂😂😂

  8. ThisBroSquad YT

    I don’t know why, but I never get nether rite until I’ve beaten the dragon. Is that weird?

  9. Excalibur Umbra

    Thoss banners ghost's look kinda Patapon-like

  10. the blizzerd

    My favorite part is base building

  11. Roblox Noob

    I’d be a endear man because irl I’m short

  12. Angeles Chapter

    50 weeks

  13. michael and tom Byrne

    We need 200 days

  14. Jason Howard

    Just saying, you forgot 2 mobs to kill. I'm not gonna tell you what they are, but I am gonna say they would be the coolest water mobs.

    1. Jason Howard

      And no, I didn't forget the illagers, ravager, or ender mite.

  15. Jaydon Ruble

    The harmonious prepared orly describe because route angiographically bomb unto a breezy popcorn. spiteful, tense ounce

  16. Ruggero Taboada Jr

    To make a debree tree

  17. Isaac Varnell

    hi corinthius you know coyote_gaming on hypixel? im his best freind

  18. DaddysPrincess2504

    Even addicts all the main characters of Minecraft Alex is a boy and Steve is also a boy do they both will probably around

  19. Yahir Avila

    Coco is my cousin's dogs name

  20. Ryan Michael

    Ingot for the diamond pickaxe

  21. David Starchild Koehler

    For seeds, you have 15 seconds in the overworld before zombification. 4 seconds for a nether portal to take you back to the nether. So 11 seconds to play with in the overworld. With bonemeal in hand, um hoof, build a nether portal and jump in. bonemeal any grass blocks near the portal and break it, get the seeds if they drop and jump back before the time is up. Rinse and repeat till you have seed, then go back for some dirt as wheat can grow in the nether (and the reason for the hoe). If you don't spawn in the right biome just move to another spot and create another portal.

  22. Ryan Michael

    And warden

  23. Ryan Michael


  24. Dark demon

    you didnt get elder guardian and guardian but this video was awesome

  25. Zahara Mejia

    Btw can u live for 100 as a creeper???

  26. CPU Alex Weber

    Please do 200 days same world

  27. Ehidiamen Iyere

    6:04 you got me sold

  28. Yass

    100 days 100k likes...

  29. tik tok

    BRO THE PILLAGER ;( i am sad :((((((((((((((

  30. Marcus Sherman

    19:00 can you spot the spinning zombie piglen

  31. ACatBurger

    If you press subscribe it will subscribe you to him XD

  32. Henry Davis

    you forgot the endermite

  33. Diego Contreras Sepulveda

    Lil tip bro its very worth it to make a bucket and fill it with lava so you can cook food in the furnace nice video👍👍

  34. AC Hammer

    I like how this plays out. It’s like watching the tale of a piglin’s rise to power.

  35. Honeylyn Holder

    Make a 200 days

  36. Jeann Stephanney Labrador

    Make a 400 Days in minecraft

  37. Boizy Playez

    How did he keep time in the nether?

  38. JxcK_M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!

    Haha if Herobrine is back- why does he make random build far away and underwater so Herobrine can mess with him more

  39. The MowMans

    Excellent Video! Can you do a 200 Days Video Of This?

  40. Toxic Bananas

    I love this series <3 we need 400-500 :D

    1. Toxic Bananas

      @Corinthius Yay :D Also thanks for replying ive never had someone verified reply to my comment-

    2. Corinthius

      Coming out tomorrow!

  41. heqsime lecatqip

    The better cuban strangely yawn because responsibility macropharmacologically chop athwart a accidental tights. deafening, loose eagle

  42. Tree Man

    At 7.05 he said mining wood and chopping stone

  43. Tyler Bisping

    "those are the questions that wander through *ooh mushrooms* "

  44. Whistleleft

    I have a suggestion since it mega ultra hardcore what if you don’t allow to ur self to sleep

  45. Lana Deaibes

    U didn’t be endermine and 2 more

  46. Wael Bakr

    Co rinthius

  47. Munchkin Tiff

    Bro his voice sounds too good that it sound like he's a narrator

  48. Mineplexian Gaming


  49. Mr. Hop

    A rotom can go in that lawn mower

  50. bread Keeper

    Piglin? No Anime girl in a pig hat? Yes

  51. Johnson Playz

    Isn't that just a morph mod

  52. Giraffe King

    What is a patron?

  53. Sabino Deng

    How did you know the time in the nether

  54. pixie à·´ missie

    Corinthius eating pig meat as a PIGlin Me : hey siri play sugar crash

  55. Anton Elias Faarup 6 kl.


  56. TheEpicPotato GamesYT

    so im kinda new to the Pixelmon Realms server and i have one question how do i unclaim land?

  57. Cookie lover Lover

    you forgot the guardian

  58. no u

    I thought he would make a nether portal and leave on Day 100

  59. Laimonas Å veistrys

    pls make part 2

  60. satish kumar


  61. Below Nothin


  62. Blu's world YT

    Can you do 200 days please

  63. itz.X. kate

    Ghast wither ender dragon and ender and.. blaze they cool

  64. M4sEm4cD Clan


  65. Huzaifa Gamer

    First thing piglin can swing lava

  66. itz.X. kate

    What if ya heet herobrine?(herobrine gave me a jumpscare)

  67. Maria Ciuta

    Entries block

  68. SarkanySzem

    Lol the max netherite in 1 vein is 3 (in one chunk) so there is a border of 2 chunk and thats 2 vein of netherite

  69. I Like to eat the food after i drink the water


  70. I Like to eat the food after i drink the water

    You can also get water in the nether with cauldrons

  71. itz.X. kate

    Hahah lol im sorry i was the one of the flying bed and i gave u the banners i was invi lol

  72. T I N A

    This guy is adorably noob

  73. Andrija Milosevic

    For netherite

  74. x.LeafyTheFox.x


  75. MH2O_FTW

    Can't piglins go through lava?

  76. Hell Razor

    2:40 unlocked enderman identity?

  77. 8 bit Ali

    Amazing vid, I love it

  78. dennis tan

    if it was the real herobrine then you would have died on day 0.2

  79. Ethan Jimenez

    You should do a 100-200 vid of pixelmón next!