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  1. adib chelly

    holy moly

  2. Ceyhun Çemen

    Will this have Dualsense features like adaptive triggers?

  3. DooDoo Brown

    Be nice to play battlefield again. I stayed away since BF4. Glad were out of the world wars again.

  4. TheGlintJaw

    Just over 24 hours for the gameplay reveal LESS GOOOOO!!!!

  5. Stranger2Langley

    3:10 real og‘s know

  6. Waramy

    Let's GOOOOOOOOO !!!!

  7. Nathan Tucker

    This came out before Skyrim.

  8. SHIMAGI azl

    No singleplayer campaign mode :(

  9. Jay


  10. EpicSardines

    Is it just me or was the real game way more intense then they showed in the ad.

  11. Gizmo82 Bramz

    Never played battle field but I think I'm starting

  12. DaUnmaskedCondom

    Lourd ça grosse race

  13. N.E.E.T

    Anyone else seeing after the Battlefield 2042 announcement?

  14. Menacing Threat


  15. Adi Baw


  16. Black Shrek

    Im already addicted to the game

  17. Stony0606

    Kickstart my Heart 👌

  18. srinivas ss

    Watched more than 100 times can't stop watching it

  19. jager bopp

    Yes this is amazing

  20. I am U

    It looks okay. Honestly I was hoping for 2143... I stopped playing at bf4 and just waiting for a proper sequel to 2142

  21. Sneaky Rat

    I wonder if my pc can run this

  22. Michael Brownlee

    looks good,

  23. G- Man

    This is too epic

  24. A M E E R O

    This game gonna beat bf4 , mark my words


    Thank DICE , EA and all the studios for all this wore to creat a game like this for us i hope the game play is Good as the trailer and that the game will not be abanded

  26. sokah

    Who else is waiting for somebody to put sound effects and make this a meme

  27. Nick Hudson

    I thought I was watching the new battlefield the whole trailer, then I realized it was hardline at the end.

  28. Andrew Yuzwa

    That was so sick, love the nods to known in game player behaviour 😛

  29. Spencer C.

    Been waiting for a new bf3, bf4, sequel. This looks right up my alley. Can’t wait to get into the action.

  30. Tyler Ross

    They really rolled the DICE on this one

  31. zStormWolf

    8 años y ahora es que lo veo :(

  32. Tobias Balk

    Who is hyped for tomorrows Gameplay reveal? 😎😌

  33. Yozora The Razor

    3:14 Rendezook!!

  34. Jesper Jensen

    Me and the boys are gonna have some fun UwU

  35. NKBlazer

    God I want a Titan mode again

  36. Clark Stelter

    “We put rendezook in the trailer” *everyone liked that*


    This is just too good

  38. bloodsling

    What a chaotic mess.. swing and a miss Dice

    1. Boltpoke


  39. Boltpoke

    Can’t stop watching. Just saw ur gameplay teaser.

  40. kreion

    it's Motley Crue with "Kickstart my heart" for all you kids out there

  41. ClouD4CS

    So you guys took the Criterion team from NFS to help at a game with no single player mode ... WHY ?? the EA logic still amazes me ...

    1. Boltpoke

      Core community doesn’t like much campaign and they aren’t that good tbh. It’s a good thing they want to focus on mp to make sure it’s polished

  42. DJ Cabra

    YT recommended Me this after the battlefield 6 was announced

  43. Paulette Russell

    The homely mustard increasingly face because manx correlatively amuse through a handsomely lizard. jumbled, ready committee

  44. Vizay Soni

    Is that Spot from Boston Dynamics?

  45. Carlos Vera

    I cant stop watching this trailer

  46. Dakota Berry

    If this is going to be like battlefield 4 but on steroids ima just say this. Community let's make some good clips

  47. KORO

    The background music is like an aot trailer lol

  48. diecastArts

    One of the best video games trailer ever!

  49. PillowBurger

    Recommended after 2042? Lmaooooo

  50. Julio F.

    I'm buying it. I'm going to be addicted. I love battlefield since bf2. Count me in guys we see us on the battlefield!!

  51. Rouge Vlogs

    This looks SIIIIIIICK !!!!

  52. CHUNKY boi

    Ok dice we nead to talk you can’t use a non existing seat to drive a jet what I’m telling is there is 1 seat that lets you ejects via spring or rocket mechanisms that means if you eject you won’t be using it again that might be fun for the guy doing it but unfair for the victim I die as couse a jets lost all its speed just becouse the driver jumped and than start flying like nothing happened so please use a bit of logic I know it will upset people but it will stop unfair losses becouse someone exploited a mechanic just make it so if you jump without stalling the jet will continue to fly in it’s path

  53. You Tube Troll

    Look sick

  54. Antonio Gonzalez

    Finally back to modern Warfare. BF4 II here we GO!! Can't wait. Hopefully is multi platform playable

  55. Slozzzy

    ON THE WAY TO 2143

  56. ケイ

    no mamen me moje

  57. themocaw

    3:00 Are they gonna? 3:10 No. . . They're not really gonna. . . 3:15 YESSS!

  58. greenyblue_bullet 3204

    Now this is a battle field trailer

  59. nama

    Best trailer

  60. MEX won

    Looks good but the gameplay won’t look anything like this

  61. Derek Stinson

    I’m looking forward to playing a pregnant fighter pilot.

  62. BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB

    kids are gonna love this, i just hate it already, i was expecting bad company 2 with a solid campaign

  63. iClavel3

    3:17 “... Sincerely, DICE”

  64. Christopher Movies&Games

    Trailer is a thing of beauty, i'll tell you that.

  65. Kazakh Fahrenheit


  66. A. B.

    one piece of music is missing, or so it seems to me)

  67. steve ville

    Best trailer ever

  68. Sergi Sanz Proton

    2042: WW3 in war With China and US

    1. Clone199Trooper

      If they dont pay back everyone from the COVID problem... then when all else fails, then it might lead to it

  69. Caiman Araújo

    I loved the references to pro plays of the old battlefields, like jumping from the plane and shooting, than getting inside the plane again, or throwing the quadwheel on the helicopter. Thats as perfect as fan service can get.

  70. M4ze

    I think it's too good. I'm in love. I just can't stop watching the trailer.

  71. TheFuentes5551

    This looks really good. Big upgrade from the bfv disaster

  72. Dachshund YT

    3:16 *"Skill issue"*

  73. たんこぶちゃんねる



    Who’s here after watching BF2042

  75. DuoGame

    Nice gaming 💯👍

  76. Pommy

    Okay so it's just another battlefield

  77. Matthew Hill

    In comes the game of the next 10 years

  78. Wüstenwiesel

    This looks so epic man

  79. Sky's Edge Productions

    Leftists liberals socialists are ginna hate it.

    1. Clone199Trooper

      Let them hate... what truely speaks is money.... god be dam if we dont support them for making the right move