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  1. Matthew Spencer

    Does anybody else find them selfs talking to jack and telling him what to do even tho he can’t hear me?

  2. Cozy

    I really wanna just play as an elite again. I miss them.

  3. st domitius

    "majority of console will be using tv" who the fuck thinks we can't afford headsets

  4. jhonny joint

    are there any snipers in it ? hope not bcus seems like fun

  5. Tyler Myers

    How in the hell did you get kills like that ? My god !!

  6. Angel Lance7

    Jack next battlefield video, bring some dmr action, the dmr is your choice but make sure is a fun one👍😀

  7. Gaming With Cov

    Keep going man., you’ve really inspired me to keep going with my gaming channel.,!

  8. Collin Borsheim

    We just want console Milsim :(


    After all these years, cod is dying.

  10. Obi-Juan Shinobi

    I never stopped playing bf4

  11. TheKidFromDevon

    We need an update

  12. Agunzi LFC

    I would love some remastered maps. Cant remember what they were called, but a couple of the BF3 maps were really good.

  13. Oszkar

    One of my favorite universes. But not a BR game again... 😭

  14. Fangs of Yima

    Dead on arrival. Calling it.

  15. Rigby_ Rich

    Halo setting trends once again

  16. ORION B.

    Sniping on a slightly lower sensitivity helps

  17. Ryan John

    Still hate there is no Springfield bolt action rifle nor Russian faction

  18. Douglfl


  19. kaleb ward

    Almost like the division with that high stakes game. Sounds sick. Hopefully that’s how you get cosmetics for your character

  20. V S

    0:12...whoa whoa whoa...that movie was great. Wtf?

  21. Mike Keenan

    looks like fun however im interested in what anti cheat they're using.

  22. Jafar Bassim

    Anyone preparing for BF2042 by playing BFV?

  23. Tem

    I will give this a try for sure. Glad its f2p opens the playerbase up a lot.

  24. Jintah.

    6:05 mort de doigby

  25. Facuu Fernandezz

    Jack acting like he isnt a vampire smh

  26. Shane Leonard

    Im just scared vehicles are going to be too powerful, literally every bf game has had that problem

  27. Lukas Krampus

    Cool setting. I want an open world pve with better graphics. Shame that it will be BR. It will fail guaranteed.

  28. Cameron Goodwin

    Exactly what we need, another shitty battle royale game

  29. Star Catinum

    Wtf this is Bloodnite

  30. Laus Deo BM

    "Imagine grappling to a tank caught in a tornado after ejecting yourself from a jet chase and shoot the jet chasing you with an RPG and grapple back to your jet"

  31. Zi4C

    I’m glad to see people coming back on this game ✊

  32. Chris Free

    That are both good games

  33. Miles Salzer

    Im not buying this

  34. John Cena

    2021 gang wya

  35. The Adventure Bros

    reinstallin g NOW~!


    Gud odd dayz

  37. Coolbreeze212 Gaming

    This guy still has a BRcall channel?

  38. Désirée Walther

    d.halu card ripped it

  39. I S


  40. Russain Idoit

    6:35 lmao, we all wish that...

  41. Tired Tiger

    Had everything to be great. But 3rd person? Come on!

  42. Sib Wraith

    If it's not 64 player conquest, is it even Battlefield?? xD

  43. Luis De La Rosa

    Don't know Vampire the Masquerade but it'd be cool to see shooters the likes of Underworld, Hellsing, or Blade! Seems like a fresh concept

  44. Alex Michael

    Wow, another BR. How exciting…

  45. Njaal Solem

    Wow, this looks cool

  46. Jacob Tribal

    Car alarms give left 4 dead vibes.

  47. Michael Donaldson

    That guy with the bike is running Chromus

  48. Levo Huntz

    These feels like Assasin's Creeds but made by Fortnite

  49. Thomas Owens

    It looks pretty cool but I’m not a fan of 3rd person perspective games

  50. Lsp Elite

    This game locks ugly :-( not beautiful

  51. Exodus1337

    All I have to say is fuck third person FPS..

  52. Emplexity X

    People are running out for out of ideas

  53. yahootube90

    I like the zone collapses better than the circles. I don't think the game looks like it will have much sticking power though, unless you are obsessed with the vampire theme. The vampire fans might keep it alive, but I can't see it becoming a big thing. My guess is that it's just a gap-filler until they finally figure out what to do with Bloodlines 2.

  54. Michael Lackey

    Console ??

  55. Daniel Edmonds

    shooting looks really similar to fortnite.

  56. the_doggo_from_the_future ✔

    I hope this comes to console, would definitely pick up an audience there.

  57. Zeez

    Will it come to console

  58. marshmallowtko

    damn this looks promising

  59. Vladimir Novakovic

    futuristic warfare? mechanical dogs? nah, this is gonna be a flop. I'll stick to the BF4 and BFH

  60. Brianzz__

    Is it coming to console

  61. CherryMaster37

    Little did he know the asval is a stupid gun

  62. IIIOII [3O2]

    Is that Floppy_Ragdoll? That guys a legend in the community.

  63. Tommy Mitchell

    What shotgun is that

  64. Chef BoyRDee21

    It’ll die out within a month

  65. RaMsAy Gaming


  66. Pax Vesania

    For once, the environment looks amazing with the verticality.

  67. Christian Dunham

    Looks mehhhhh

  68. Voltov

    This Gothnite looks generic as shieeeet

  69. ragman44

    Ironic how you talk about gtaV coming to pc while playing bf4, while you’ll be talking about gta6 coming to pc while playing bf2042

  70. Mikesanity -

    I loved this song as a kid 😂😂😂

  71. STRAPP

    Is this on console

  72. Corey Ramsdell


  73. Jack Hamilton

    Looks sick. Hope it does well

  74. MadManAz

    This reminded me of GUNZ. The wall climbing and some of the movements. The gun sounds too.

  75. Carbonear

    This game is shit

  76. John Richards

    Time to kill is long

  77. Anthony Tortorici

    Who here misses Battlefield 2?

  78. Dontlagmebro


  79. Gino Groenewegen

    Goodlooking game 😍

  80. Nicole Peavy

    uncharted memes found and lost millions of lost treasures