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  1. Alejandro González

    And by the way people sub robe to you beacause of your girl

  2. Alejandro González

    It’s even better than your videos

  3. Kalin Chang

    That boy at 6:59🤣😂😂👍

  4. Virtualzs

    this mega cap not trynna hate

  5. Alejandro González

    That your gonna lose all. Your subcribers

  6. Dior Diamondrox

    The tag started rapping 😂

  7. noemis ramirez

    0:00 pisses

  8. Alejandro González

    Dude you try to do a song

  9. noemis ramirez

    0:01 pisses

  10. Ëxtrēmē gåmïng Dømåin

    It matches the song

  11. Albert Østerlyng

    1:40 what is that freaking rapper???

  12. Benjamin Mm

    song at 3:30

  13. Gamer Nest


  14. YourADingus4Real

    2:24 what is the song

  15. Brett Fox

    all of that

  16. Brett Fox


  17. lItsNoahザ黒忍

    Watch this video without headphones is a Bold move

  18. Dayana Peña


  19. Napos

    2 years later and cheyenne is still the best actress

  20. alex

    Where’s that store at ?

  21. alex

    Wheres that store?

  22. Sam Hibbs

    yessier who here in 2021 my guy like tf

  23. OhNoEman

    You can tell tea is wearing the red shirt without seeing it

  24. brawlerboi _44

    Is jcole skit coming out this year?

  25. Kailondo Rogers

    We all know when we here that sound tra rags is here

  26. Isaac Vialpando

    Noah is too funny Lmao 😂

  27. Martin D.

    I'm the first btw the girl I dm is bojidara.fk in insta


    Brooooo my gf literally watches your vids man i am so screwed

  29. Galaxy xLiv


  30. Johnn Ventura

    You guys should make a video with Free refills 2 goats 🐐 together

  31. END3R

    12:27 I got this everyday by everybody because im darkskin, but have a bigger vocabulary. It pissed me off 😡

  32. Eggs eggs tentacion

    7:14 is my mom every Saturday

  33. Da Link

    pretty sure these are actual beats that blew up, ironically.


    Sir relax

  35. ziggy 6adazz


  36. Destiny Daerego

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Exactly 😅

  37. A’Real Trucker

    The cheater 😭😭😭

  38. Kool Aid Man

    Who was the dude that played charlemagne

  39. Henkie Penkie

    They found Mario Judah 😳😳😳

  40. Chris Antoine-Joseph


  41. Adams Ricks

    You’re is the best I wish I could be in one of your videosBut is corona

  42. Debopam Sengupta

    I'm the simulation and space guy

  43. Joy Sikuzani

    I hope the first one was just exageration or I'm never doing delevery

  44. -str1ke

    Rhino eats cereal with water because his dad didn’t bring the milk

  45. Erotizz On Xbox

    That’s fucked up

  46. Eggs eggs tentacion

    Bro In my country we have like elementary and high school combined and we only have private school’s

  47. Maddox Obregon

    Can we get some more of Noah Boat??

  48. Aiden Garcia

    That longbeachgriffy reference tho

  49. dneuifbn efuowbnf

    Im white and i fit in wiith the black sterotype


    2021 they was in one of one songs tho BHAHA

  51. Pierre De palm

    There was a beat just like this fr

  52. SW

    Who's here after the Off Season? 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Hidan

    3:21 Me when i see a person cough

  54. Swaggyfi

    5:00 i just did

  55. Antonio Aranio

    Painful. What are the audience even laughing at?

  56. Blood


  57. Joel Wilson

    U forgot abt ppl who say their channel is underrated even though they've got more than 7 million subs 😑

  58. FL!NT


  59. Gaming Wolf


  60. Davi Jesus

    You guys reactions were way funnier than the jokes, this should be a challenge video: can you endure a whole Lili Singh show? The last to give up wins, this was a tie cause only one gave up.

  61. Michaela Skosana

    when he says i know

  62. Michaela Skosana


  63. Gavin Larson

    I have been a Juice WRLD fan for a while and ngl Lucid Dreams was one of his worst songs.

  64. roblox30 Lara

    I like that blue face goes to the principal's office because he cussed but the principal cusses in the office

  65. Josiah Perry


  66. Sponge Cake

    People who still do apple vs android wars= 🤡

  67. Jayden Smith

    Had to come back after today

  68. lil_jah_999

    14:17 he sound like a surfer

  69. Landen Johnson

    Such ignorant youtubers i feel sorry for you

  70. Nolimit Joah

    i want a christian girl

  71. The Tortilla Lady

    he has a yt channel, here's the link brcall.info

  72. TheScrezio 36

    I wonder what make them think of bikini try on hauls??

  73. GARUDA

    Change for 20 is lit💯💯🤣🤣🤣

  74. Keegan Crumpacker

    Then is my grade

  75. lil_jah_999

    14:54 14:54 14:54 14:54 14:54 14:54 14:54

  76. lil_jah_999


  77. Daniel Kim

    so... did Ryan read the books?

  78. lil_jah_999

    13:37 fr in god

  79. lil_jah_999

    12:26 dude my god